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By dsqwb2qz6v | 2014.08.03.

Nymphomaniacs, or Nymphos are persons with uncontrollable sexual urges. Hypersexuality’s causes are yet to be discovered.

Ladies that like older men

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2014.07.13.

A few decades ago if a couple had too much age difference it was reproved by the society. Now the table has turned around and in some cases age difference has become quite common between couples.

Weirdest places to have sex in

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2014.07.01.

Sex is a fascinating thing, but what do you do when you’re in a boring relationship? What if you like having sex with your beloved but you’re sick of the same old bedroom or living-room sofa?

AO Sex in Vienna

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2014.06.22.

Sex without condoms, also known as AO sex, is very common for stable and long-lasting relationships. However, it didn’t take long until sexclubs or studios began to offer such treatment. Of course, you have to pay extra to enjoy the “skin-to-skin” sensation. It differs from club to club, but it’s not that expensive.

Stay safe

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2014.06.18.

When you decide to pay for sex to a prostitute, you must take quite a few things into consideration.

The rehab course after prostitution charges

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2014.06.10.

In Texas, an unconventional program took place at the Harris County Jail. This program helps women to recover from their past life as a prostitute after they serve their sentence in jail.


By dsqwb2qz6v | 2014.05.26.

Shemale, a term often used in the sex industry, is used to describe a transgender female with a penis alongside her female characteristics.

Religious views on Abortion

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2014.05.11.

With the rise of abortion decisions nowadays, many religions have taken a strong stance either to oppose it or to support it.

How much do sex clubs and prostitutes charge for sex?

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2014.04.30.

When you have decided to pay for sex you should gather information about the prices as they can vary from place to place.

Prostitution in older times and nowadays

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2014.04.15.

Prostitution has been considered the oldest profession since the ancient times. A form of „Sex clubs” can be found hundreds of years ago too.

Sexual abstinence

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2014.04.15.

Sexual abstinence Sexual abstinence or sexual restraint is the habit of withholding from some or all aspects of sexual activity. This decision can be taken for a number of reasons: medical, legal, social, financial, moral or religious. Celibacy is a practice of sexual abstinence caused by religious beliefs or by other personal factors. Sexual restraint…

Sexual attraction

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2014.04.15.

Sexual attraction represents the attraction based on sexual desires. A person’s sexual attractiveness or sex appeal is a person’s quality to attract others sexually or erotically.