Exploring the Future of Intimacy: Sex Robots and Love Dolls

realistic sex robot in vienna

In a recent article published on the Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) website, the potentially disruptive role of sex robots and love dolls in the future of human intimacy was thoroughly examined. The piece featured a detailed interview with Oliver Bendel, a professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, who specializes…

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Unraveling Sexuality: Debunking Six Prevalent Sex Myths


In the realm of human sexuality, misconceptions and myths abound. These unfounded beliefs, often steeped in cultural lore, misinformation, and lack of comprehensive sexual education, can lead to misunderstanding and potentially harmful behaviors. In an effort to foster a more informed dialogue about sex, it’s crucial to debunk these myths and replace them with evidence-based…

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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Looking for Sex in Vienna

nightclub party in Vienna

Vienna is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, filled with a range of entertainment options. One of its lesser discussed but equally significant facets is its thriving sex industry, complete with reputable gentlemen’s clubs, legal sex workers, and a host of diverse experiences. While the openness and legal status of sex work in Vienna provide an…

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The end of Funpalast-story?

There are rumors circulating that Funpalast saunaclub in Vienna may be closing down in the coming months. The speculation first appeared on the Sex Vienna Forum, but Funpalast management has not yet made any official statement on the matter, so at this point, these are only rumors. According to a Sex Vienna Forum user, the…

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Interview with an ex-prostitute and activist

prostitute in Vienna

Blick.ch wrote an article about an interview with an ex-sex worker that wrote a book about the life of a prostitute, called “Dehumanized”. After 10 years of doing this job, she managed to get out and now is an activist, she fights for people only having sex because they want to. Ms. Mau was asked…

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Prostitutes in Thailand experience difficulties during Pandemic

crowded street with cars passing by

Poor Thai families have been sending their daughters to Bangkok to work for years. In the clubs that have closed since the outbreak, they worked as bar girls and prostitutes. One night with a farang, or tourist, can cover a week’s worth of bills. Noi shivered as she remembered her two children, whom she had…

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How did famous writers portrayed the life of prostitutes in Imperial Russia

grayscale photo of naked woman

The public way of seeing prostitutes has always mesmerised many writers. When they wrote about them, they also took into consideration factors as injustice, poverty, moral choices and female freedom. If the saying which states that behind every successful man, there is always a strong woman, then one could assume that behind every fallen woman…

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Multiple sex clubs in Stuttgart close due to regulations

people standing in front of brown concrete building

Since the pandemic started at the end of 2019, many new regulations and rules have been put into effect regarding the sex trade scene all around the world. Not only are there many regulations that sex clubs need to follow, but for a longer period of time these types of establishments weren’t even allowed to…

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How to find a Vienna sex club?

Once you have decided to spend your time entertaining with girls in Vienna, you can find full reviews online in advance even if you visit the city first time and don’t previous experience about the sex club sin Wien. This time I would like to give you some tips about sites that worth visiting before…

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