Bitcoin Machine at Beverly Hills Club, Vienna

Beverly Hills Club, one of the oldest gentlemen’s clubs in Vienna has recently introduced a Bitcoin exchange machine in their establishment. Clients are able to convert their Euros into Bitcoins right there in the club. The transaction happens through a machine that mostly resembles an ATM and converting Euros into Bitcoins is as easy as withdrawing money from an ATM. However, paying with Bitcoins is still not accepted in Beverly Hills Club.

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Cryptocurrencies are getting a wider acceptance

Cryptocurrencies and mainly Bitcoin are being accepted as a payment method in more and more restaurants and shops every day. Exchange machines like the one in Beverly Hills Club are also becoming a common sight. A recent study shows that 79% of Austrians have at least heard of cryptocurrencies. This number is higher than in any of the other 15 countries that were surveyed.


Even though this exchange machine is not super beneficial for specific strip club customers, but the fact alone that Beverly Hills Club has the machine and that they are trying to implement this new technology is something remarkable. Who knows, cryptocurrencies might be the future and we might see one of these exchange machines at every corner in big cities like Vienna.


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