Prostitute defrauds a 75-year old man of over 81,000 euros

euro notes

A prostitute was sentenced to an 18-month suspended sentence by the Karlsruhe District Court on Tuesday for defrauding a 75-year old man of tens of thousands of euros. The victim lent substantial amounts of money to the 40-year-old prostitute over a period of nearly two years. She received over 81,000 euros in transfers and at…

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Young man under investigation after incident with sex worker


A young man is under investigation after threatening a sex worker in Herbertingen. The confrontation occurred after the prostitute wanted to get her money upfront, but the guy, instead of paying her, pulled out a gun. The sex date was organized through an online service where sex workers advertise their services. The two met in…

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Police raid at German brothel Pascha


A recent police raid targeted the Pascha brothel in Germany, because of alleged tax evasion. Last Saturday police and tax investigators arrived at the scene with multiple vehicles, initiating a comprehensive search for evidence. The operation started at the beginning of business hours to ensure the presence of all sex workers. Authorities focused their efforts…

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Brothel owners in Aargau accused of exploiting sex workers

Three people are facing trial at the District Court of Aargau on charges of exploiting illegal Chinese sex workers. The accused include a 50-year-old Chinese woman who owns several brothels, her 59-year-old Swiss partner, and a 59-year-old Swiss secretary employed by them. The defendants knowingly employed Chinese sex workers who were residing in Switzerland illegally.…

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A sex worker was put on trial because of working with gonorrhea


A Romanian prostitute had to face the court in Graz because she had tested positive for gonorrhea but continued to offer her services at a laufhaus in the city. She was caught during a police raid after she was unable to present her health certificate, which is required for all sex workers in Austria. She…

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Major raid disrupts sex party at sauna club

police raid

The sex party at the Penelope sauna club in Castrop-Rauxel came to an abrupt end last night as over 100 law enforcement officers from the police, customs, and regulatory authorities raided the brothel. The operation, personally attended by NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (71, CDU), targeted potential illegal activities, tax violations, and the exploitation of…

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23-year-old faces trial for alleged forced prostitution

victim of a loverboy

A 19-year-old woman, who says she was forced into prostitution with threats of violence, sees her alleged abuser on trial. The trial began on Monday. The man, now 25, faces many charges, including forcing a person under 21 into prostitution, violence, threats, and stealing money from the victim between early 2022 and late June 2023.…

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