Alice Little – Highest Paid Prostitute in USA

Alice Little (29) is currently the highest paid legal prostitute in the United States of America. In a recent interview, she revealed why she is booked more than any other girl at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada, USA. According to Alice Little, people who visit her are not just looking for sex, but rather intimacy. Alice stated that she creates “incredible and memorable experiences for men, women and couples.”

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How did Alice become the highest paid prostitute in USA?

Alice Little said that she was always a curious person, even as a child. Before becoming a prostitute, Alice worked as a BDSM educator and a massage therapist, but she wanted more intimacy with her clients. She said that becoming a sexworker was a conscious decision for her. Alice Little first saw the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in the Cathouse HBO documentary and was later invited to the Nevada brothel by one of her friends who started working there.

In an interview, Alice Little stated that she became the highest paid prostitute in USA by sheer luck and coincidence. She simply wanted to be good at what she was doing and apparently her clients like it.

Why is Alice Little such a popular sexworker?

Unlike many other prostitutes who are only in the business for the money, Alice Little actually likes her job. She stated that she wanted a profession where she could help others and do something meaningful for them. She also said that the main reason for her popularity is the fact that she offers intimacy to her clients, rather than just meaningless sex.

Alice also accepts couples as clients and creates a safe environment for all people included, where women don’t have to worry about another woman stealing their husbands. Some of her other regular clients include people from the military, regular guys and anybody else who wants to spend a romantic evening with her. In an interview, Alice said that “I am a friend, a companion, a lover; I am all of these things and more.”

alice little highest paid prostitute in usa

Global stereotypes about sexworkers

Like many other sexworkers, Alice has received her share of stereotypes as well. In the interview, she states that sexworkers are not all sluts who are always horny and ready for sex. They are human beings with hobbies, likes and personal problems. For example, Alice really likes horseback riding, taking photographs, camping and writing. She enjoys her job very much, but contrary to popular belief, this isn’t the only thing she’s interested in.

Alice Little on her job as a sexworker

Alice said that if she could go back in time and change anything, she wouldn’t change a thing. She loves her job and she loves who she has become. According to Alice, she is happy and she is ready to do this until she decides to retire. Currently, she doesn’t have any plans on when she will retire, but right now she is happy with what she’s doing. Alice also said that she feels like she’s contributing to society in a meaningful way.


It is no coincidence that Alice Little has become the most popular sexworker in America. Not only does she look beautiful, but she also likes her job and cares about her clients. And we all know that paying for sex is not only about two people going at each other; a little intimacy can make the whole experience a whole lot better!


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