Laufhaus Girl Andreea

Andreea has been working in a couple of different Laufhauses in Vienna since she started working here a year or so ago. Currently, Andreea works in the Kontaktzone Laufhaus, however she is known for regularly switching Laufhauses. She started off her career in Vienna in Studio Rögergasse in the 9th district. From here, she moved to Contact Center, where she worked for almost a year. Recently, she moved to Laufhaus Rosi and now to Kontaktzone. She is also constantly advertising herself online. Unlike most prostitutes who work in Laufhauses, Andreea isn’t always there; clients have to call her or make an appointment through text messages.

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Andreea, the Pamela Anderson lookalike

Andreea looks very good, she looks almost like a perfect 10 in my opinion. I would mainly describe her as a young Pamela Anderson, but with natural breasts. She is extremely fit and pretty. Everything about her is natural, except her lips which are enhanced with Botox.

Andreea also does seemingly everything. On her online profile, she advertises anal, oral without a condom, group sex, AO (sex without condom) and more. However, I wouldn’t say she is a good service provider so to speak.

Laufhaus girl Andreea

The problem with Andreea

Even though Andreea looks amazing, she often has an overwhelming number of negative reviews on her profiles. This is the reason why she regularly deletes and creates new accounts for herself, so she could have a fresh start. This is probably the reason for her frequent change of workplace as well. Most of the reviews she receives praise her beauty and sexiness, but most clients have a problem with Andreea’s attitude and service quality.

The problem with Andreea is that she gets impatient with her clients. In a 30 minute session, she rushes already after 15 minutes and tells you that the time is up after 20 minutes. She also uses a ton of gel; she really does! In person, she is quite polite, but very distant. No chemistry at all.


As I’ve said, Andreea looks incredibly hot; however she is not a very good service provider at all. Not only is she impatient, but she also wants to get over with the session as soon as possible. I’m sure that I am not alone when I say that this is a huge turn-off and that we would expect a bit more service orientation. Or at least that she respects the time and doesn’t shorten it only to stop before it has ended.

If only Andreea would give better service and have some patience, we would have a nearly perfect sexworker to go to. But as it stands, I wouldn’t recommend paying Andreea.

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