August seasonal downtime in Vienna

Summers are usually a hard period for Viennese Laufhauses, studios, sexclubs and FKKs alike. It might be the hot weather, or the fact that most girls go home for the summer, but the scene is slowing down in this time period for sure. Not only is the lineup in most clubs weaker than usual, but there are also hardly any new girls at all in the hot summer season in Vienna.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

Sex scene slows down over the summer

The fact that the sex scene slows down over the hot summer season in Vienna is nothing new and it is something that’s been happening for years now. Most girls who work in Viennese brothels choose to spend their summer home, in their native country. This means that many good service providers are not present in the establishments over the summer months. Because of this, most places in Vienna are struggling to keep their business up and to make money in these hot summer months.

All Viennese establishments are feeling the drought

The fact that there are not many new girls in Vienna doesn’t only affect smaller studios and Laufhauses, but bigger clubs as well. The effects of the hot summer months can be also seen in the lineup of Goldentime Vienna, Sexclub Maxim Wien and even Babylon Vienna. However, smaller nightclubs like Kontaktcafe, Manhattan and the likes have the hardest time and they have a serious problem for most of the summer season.

Laufhauses are also having a hard time in the hot summer period. For example, Laufhaus Rosi and Laufhaus Rachel are usually having problems, as they hardly have any business at all in the summer. If you look at the websites of these Laufhauses, you can clearly see that only a low number of rooms are in use.

The same goes for Laufhaus Zollgasse and Laufhaus Juchgasse; business takes a halt in these Laufhauses as well. A couple of months ago, Laufhaus Zollgasse (Wien-Mitte) has been highly advertised; however, the summer has taken its toll on them as well. If you want to learn more about Laufhaus Zollgasse, go ahead and read our article about the place.


Summers are usually a hard time for most brothels in Vienna. The lack of new girls, the absence of regular sexworkers and the fact that far less clients choose to pay for sex in these months are all factors that affect the business for these places. Picking up the business after the summer is getting harder and harder because the business is constantly changing. Only the strongest clubs who have good business in the summer can seamlessly transition into the autumn with business remaining stable. Sexclub Maxim Wien is a great example of this.

Some establishments are able to get through this time period, but there are places that can’t keep up with the heat. It is not unheard of that some places close for a couple of weeks in the summer because they can’t keep their business up. Good examples for this are Babylon Vienna (sometimes they close in August) and Eve Bar (closes every year in the summer).

However, most establishments can get back on their feet as soon as the summer months are over. The regular girls come back from their vacation, new girls start looking for jobs in Vienna and clients start pouring in again.

What do you think about paying for sex in the hot summer season? We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, so go ahead and leave your opinion in the comment section below!

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