Eve Bar closes – Taxi scam finally over

For years, Eve Bar in Vienna was known for the taxi scam that they have been doing to unwary, wealthy looking, drunk tourists. However, according to recent news, the establishment is closing for good, which means that the Eve Bar taxi scam is finally coming to an end too. Sources indicate that the place is shutting down and that it’s up for sale.

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Eve Bar taxi scam

It has been a known fact in the sex scene in Vienna that the management at Eve Bar has been paying a commission to taxi drivers who bring clients to their bar. When every other club pays the standard agreed fee of 10€, some of the clubs choose to pay an unfairly high commission. Eve Bar wasn’t the only one to do this, but it was the worst one. If an unwary tourist asked a taxi driver for a place to have sex, they would bring them to Eve Bar. The reason for this was the absurd commission fee (up to 65€ per customer, even more on special occasions) that the place used to pay to taxi drivers who bring clients to their bar. This wouldn’t necessarily be a horrendous thing if Eve Bar was a reputable and reliable place. Unfortunately, this was never the case in the bar’s history.

Eve Bar never had a noteworthy online presence or a properly functioning website as a matter of fact. The reason for this is simple; a blatant tourist trap doesn’t want any online exposure that can showcase the shady tactics that they are using. Clients who got lured to Eve Bar usually ended up with huge bills, even if they only wanted one quick session.

There have been numerous articles and posts about the Eve Bar taxi scam over the years on local forums and blogs. If you’re interested in learning more about the taxi scam that Eve Bar was using, go ahead and check out this Sex-Vienna article about it from 2012.

Scamming and shady tactics in other Viennese clubs

This is not the only place in Vienna that uses shady tactics like this Eve Bar taxi scam. However, as recent events have shown, this is not a good business model and it can never lead to a successful establishment. This goes to show that in the age of the internet, reviews and customer satisfaction being key scammers in Vienna usually don’t last for very long.

Even those bars which aren’t technically scamming, but have not adapted to the modern sex business environment (like Tete a Tete Bar) are having a very rough time. According to our sources, Tete a Tete Bar is also up for sale and should close pretty soon too.


As you can see from Eve Bar’s example, scamming clients and trying to make money using shady tactics can never lead to success. With Eve Bar closing, the sex scene in Vienna is a little bit safer now for sure. Not that it was unsafe if you were aware of the Eve Bar taxi scam and if you avoided it, but those who are not as knowledgeable can have a safer time now and enjoy the paysex opportunities that the city of Vienna is offering.

Thankfully, there are numerous blogs and mongering forums where people can share their experiences and warn others about scammers in Vienna. The most beneficial thing that you can do before visiting any Viennese brothel is checking out the place’s reviews and reading up on what others have said about it. Remember, it can never mean anything good if a place doesn’t have an informative website or any online reviews whatsoever.

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