New Laufhaus in Vienna at Zollgasse 3

A new Laufhaus in Vienna called Laufhaus Wien Mitte has recently been opened at Zollgasse 3, in the 3rd district. Apparently, the establishment started working two months later than expected because of a pending police approval. Laufhaus Zollgasse is centrally located near the Wien Mitte station, in a building that mostly resembles an office space with a glass facade. The Laufhaus has received a lot of media attention before its opening on the internet, as well as Viennese newspapers and television. The new establishment is the second branch of one of the oldest Laufhauses in Vienna, Laufhaus Juchgasse.

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Laufhaus Wien Mitte at Zollgasse 3

Laufhaus Zollgasse looks like a business house, so it’s integrated with the surrounding buildings seamlessly. Sex for money isn’t heavily advertised; there are no neon signs or naked girl advertisements around the entrance, only a red banner that says “Laufhaus Wien Mitte” across the second floor windows. The entrance of the Laufhaus is discretely located on one of the side-streets and clients enter the establishment on a red carpet.

Inside the Laufhaus, there’s a narrow corridor with doors along the hallway and monitors next to them. On the monitors, pictures and details of the girls are being shown. Green “free” and red “busy” signs on the doors indicate the current availability of the girls in question. Regardless of the availability all doors are always closed, so in order to approach and talk to the Laufhaus girls one has to knock on each and every girl’s door to find out more.

These are the minimum prices that are advertised in Laufhaus Zollgasse:

  • 70€ for 20 minutes
  • 90€ for 30 minutes
  • 150€ for 60 minutes

The Laufhaus also has two extra equipped rooms for domina service. The price for the domina services are:

  • 150€ for 30 minutes
  • 250€ for 60 minutes

Rooms in Laufhaus Zollgasse

The rooms that the girls can rent in Laufhaus Zollgasse are one of the best assets of the Laufhaus. The rooms look like they could almost be 3 or 4 star hotel rooms. All of the rooms are clean, modern, they are nicely arranged and each of them has Air Conditioning. Some of the rooms are not finished yet and they are still being worked on. One of the floors is also out of bounds because the Air Conditioning is not done yet. Sources indicate that the girls are also equipped with security wristwatches that have an alarm function in cases of emergency.

Second branch of Laufhaus Juchgasse

Laufhaus Zollgasse (or Laufhaus Wien Mitte) is the second branch of Laufhaus Juchgasse. This means that both places have the same owner, website design, prices, and absolutely same girls that offer the same services. It is too soon yet to tell if Laufhaus Zollgasse and Laufhaus Juchgasse will be much different from one another, or if it will be the same thing in a new location.

Final verdict on Laufhaus Zollgasse

Laufhaus Zollgasse is pretty, new, located in a good neighborhood and has very nice rooms. However, in the end it is just another Laufhaus, not more and not less. As it stands, Zollgasse has little-to-no charm and charisma. An argument can be made that Laufhaus Juchgasse is more atmospheric than the brand new Laufhaus Zollgasse, but in the end that is a question of taste.

After so much hype and advertisement in media outlets, the place turned out to be nothing special. According to the media, Laufhaus Zollgasse has 120 registered women, however since there are only 35 rooms available, only 35 girls can work/live there at once. It has also been advertised that if a girl offers services below 70 euros, she would be fired. However, both Zollgasse and Juchgasse have recently announced “Summer prices”, which lowers the minimum price below 70 euros. So this was probably nothing, just a big media stunt.

At this moment in time, Laufhaus Zollgasse has a lot of potential, but it is not there yet. If you see a girl on the website that you like, by all means go there, but call beforehand. Or if you are going this way, go in and check it out. However, currently I don’t think Laufhaus Zollgasse is a valid reason to go to that area.


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