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Prostitute defrauds a 75-year old man of over 81,000 euros

A prostitute was sentenced to an 18-month suspended sentence by the Karlsruhe District Court on Tuesday for defrauding a 75-year old man of tens of thousands of euros. The victim lent substantial amounts of money to the 40-year-old prostitute over a period of nearly two years.

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She received over 81,000 euros in transfers and at least the same amount in cash. In the current trial, the prostitute was sentenced for the transferred money only, because there was no evidence for the portion paid in cash over the years.

Imaginery safe in Switzerland

The sex worker worked in the night industry for over a decade, but she still had financial problems. She told the old man that she had a safe in Switzerland and that she borrowed the money to store it there. In court, she admitted that the box was just a fiction and that she never had it.

According to the defense lawyer of the prostitute, she tried to pay back the money but was unable to do so. She used the borrowed money to send a portion to her son in Romania, a portion to her mother in Italy, and the rest was used for gambling. The court classified her actions as commercial fraud.

The relationship between the senior and the prostitute was further complicated because the woman lived in the victim’s apartment.

According to him, the prostitute said that she loved him. The sex worker claimed that the old man hit and bit her; however, she still liked him. The court and prosecution viewed her alleged feelings as part of the fraudulent scheme to manipulate and exploit the senior.

Initially, the prostitute faced charges of defrauding the senior of almost double the amount in 194 separate incidents. However, the court could not substantiate claims of additional cash payments beyond the documented bank transfers. Consequently, the defendant was convicted for the remaining 50 transfers, totaling 81,000 euros.

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