Young man under investigation after incident with sex worker

A young man is under investigation after threatening a sex worker in Herbertingen. The confrontation occurred after the prostitute wanted to get her money upfront, but the guy, instead of paying her, pulled out a gun.

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The sex date was organized through an online service where sex workers advertise their services. The two met in a garden house. After the sex worker, frightened, fled the scene, and the young man left shortly after, discarding the gun during his walk. The woman’s two companions pursued the man until the police arrived.

The gun was a fake one

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the weapon was a blank-firing gun, a type of firearm that discharges blank cartridges containing gunpowder but no bullet. These guns mimic the sound and appearance of real gunfire, producing a loud noise and a muzzle flash without causing harm.

The police, unaware that the gun was not lethal, responded to the scene with multiple vehicles. The police have not disclosed the young man’s age, but most likely he is younger than 18.

The price for the services was also not disclosed, but a police spokesperson indicated that it was in the low three-digit range.

The young man is now facing investigations for violations of weapons law and threatening behavior.

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