Man killed a sex worker because she did not want to stop working as a prostitute

A 46-year-old man killed a woman because she refused to stop prostituting for his sake. This is not the first time the man has harmed a woman. A few years ago, he threw a woman from the second floor but was later released from psychiatry.

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They met each other in a sex club

The 46-year-old Turkish-Kurdish defendant met the 27-year-old woman a few weeks before the incident in a sex club. He pushed the sex worker to quit prostitution, but she refused. Not long after, the man hurt the sex worker with a knife in her own apartment and then strangled her.

Although the murder happened in October 2022, the victim’s body was only found in May 2023. The defendant himself showed the police the hiding place. The body, airtight wrapped in tarps, had been hidden behind wooden paneling for seven months.

The trial was held in the Frankfurt District Court, where the prosecutor demanded a life sentence for the murderer, and the determination of particular severity of guilt, which would exclude the possibility of parole after 15 years.

The Turkish man already had a previous case, as he threw a prostitute from the second floor of a residential building in 2005. The woman survived the act with severe injuries. At that time, he was found not guilty by reason of insanity and was released from psychiatry after three years.

Why is it safer to work in a high-class brothel?

Working alone in the sex industry can sometimes be dangerous. Not long ago, an Afghan man brutally stabbed to death three Chinese sex workers in Vienna. Even though they worked in a sex studio, it did not have the necessary safety measures to avoid such cases.

Whether we are talking about Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, it is much safer for sex workers to work in high-class sex clubs instead of shady studios or alone in an apartment. The best brothels spend a lot on the girls’ safety, including bouncers, surveillance cameras, face checks to avoid dangerous clients, and in-room alarm systems for the girls.

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