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Major raid disrupts sex party at sauna club

The sex party at the Penelope sauna club in Castrop-Rauxel came to an abrupt end last night as over 100 law enforcement officers from the police, customs, and regulatory authorities raided the brothel. The operation, personally attended by NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (71, CDU), targeted potential illegal activities, tax violations, and the exploitation of women.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

The raid was conducted to check if illegal prostitutes were employed or if women were being exploited. Additionally, there was suspicion of illegal gambling machines being operated at Penelope and that gambling tax was not being properly paid. Furthermore, there were suspicions of ties to the HELLS ANGELS motorcycle club, which the authorities are still investigating closely.

Customers left the sauna club

During the operation, frustrated customers left the sauna club, with some expressing their discontent to the officers. Prostitutes also ended their work early and hastily left the club, while the police continued to inspect the premises.

Simultaneously, further raids were conducted in Castrop-Rauxel and Marl at shisha bars and clubs. The focus was on untaxed shisha tobacco, violations of legal regulations, and suspicion of tax evasion. Customs officials were also involved in the actions.

Inspections at Penelope took longer than expected due to the high number of people and vehicles. An investigator reported, that the club was completely overcrowded. Most people were lightly dressed or wearing only a towel around their hips.

Interior Minister Reul expressed tentative satisfaction with the operation and emphasized the importance of such measures to gain insights into activities in the milieu and ensure compliance with the law.

The police provided an initial assessment of the action: Over 270 people and 75 vehicles were inspected. Five illegal gambling machines, drugs, and cash were seized. A variety of charges were filed, including for illegal gambling, traffic violations, and tax evasion. One arrest warrant was executed, and the building was closed.

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