Hells Angels boss: his pub was set on fire

Rocker manager Frank Hanebuth believes that his business has been specifically targeted for destruction.

Sex Job in Wien

Hanover’s “Sansibar” bar was set on fire; rocker boss Frank Hanebuth (57) saw the firefighting efforts while seated on a chair and with a crutch, as initially reported by “Bild.”


Passersby made the emergency contact about 2.15 in the morning, a police spokeswoman told “t-online.” They witnessed a guy toss a combustible device onto the roof of the one-story structure. When rescuers arrived, there was a fear that the fire might spread to nearby homes and businesses.

Frank Hanebuth, one of the most famous rockers in Europe and the leader of the former Hells Angels membership in Hanover, is the owner of the Steintor Bar. Hanebuth supposedly had hip surgery just recently and manages a brothel in Hanover’s seedy neighborhood.

Suspect arrested

A 33-year-old suspect was reportedly detained only a few blocks away, according to media sources. After around 30 minutes, the fire was put out, according to “Bild.” No one else is reported to have been harmed, other than a neighbor who inhaled in smoke.

A targeted strike is suggested by the image, and Frank Hanebuth reports the 57-year-old as saying: “An attack would have been difficult during activity. We all have bouncers keeping an eye on us!

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