An employee of a brothel was critically injured in Düsseldorf

Two staff members of a Düsseldorf brothel were tragically stabbed at the begging of September after an altercation with some aggressive customers.

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The authors of the altercation at a Düsseldorf brothel, which resulted in the serious injuries of two employees, are still at large. A day after, a police official stated that the males were being searched for.

The doctors will continue to care for the two patients, ages 32 and 34. According to the representative, they are no longer in imminent danger of dying and their condition has improved.

Police established a murder unit

A police official said in the same day that prior investigations revealed no link between the midday incident with either the rocker scene or organized crime.

An attempted murder investigation is being conducted by the criminal police, and a homicide commission has been established.

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