Conflict at brothel bar’s restroom fully escalates

A fight involving two guys escalated in the restroom of a pub in Basel’s red light district. Additionally, a helper was hurt.

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In the first weekend of September, two guys got into a fight in a red-light club in Kleinbasel, and the aggressor ran off. A 32-year-old got into a fight in the Captain Cook Bar just before eight in the morning, according to the Basel state attorney. There he found a man who spoke Spanish and an unidentified woman. The males got into a fight after that, and the 32-year-old was slightly hurt by a sharp item.

The victim’s 21-year-old coworker who jumped in to aid also got injuries. Both required further urgent care treatment. The offender ran away in an unidentified area. He is described as having a strong frame, short dark hair, and tattoos on his forearms. At the moment of the incident, he was wearing a red baseball cap and T-shirt.

Injured in a fight

A heated altercation had occurred the previous evening in a bohemian bar on Webergasse. Several individuals got into a fight early on Saturday morning at the White Horse Bar, injuring two Romanians. Later, a suspect, also from Romania, aged 28, was taken into custody. There were no other people to be found.

In both situations, the public state prosecutor in Basel is seeking evidence.

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