Minister of Interior in Bremen speaks up against Hells Angels gang

The Minister of Interior in Bremen is allowed to continue claiming in court that a particular sexclub in the city is owned by the Hells Angels gang. Currently, there is a nationwide ban on Hells Angels in Germany, so if this is true, the sex club could potentially be closed. For more details about this news piece and to read further details about the gang’s activity, keep reading the post now!

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The brothel will be checked for legality

Although the Minister’s statement wasn’t used as evidence in court, it managed to get the authorities to look into the background of the sexclub in question. Now that the legal identification of the sex club’s owner is being checked, soon the truth will surface. Currently, there is a ban on the Hells Angels gang in Bremen and nobody can be associated with it. In case it turns out that the club is owned by the gang or one of their leaders, the sexclub could be closed.

For more details about this news, read the German post about it on the website!

Hells Angels gang affiliations in Germany and Austria

Generally speaking there is a problem in Germany with the fact that many sex clubs and sauna clubs are in some way associated with the Hells Angels. This could be hiring the gang as security guards to even them being one of the investors in the club. Since Hells Angels are banned, being associated with them could mean that the club is dealing with something shady.

On the other hand, Austrian sexclubs do not have this problem, as they are rarely or never in any association with the gang. The Hells Angels are not prominently active in the prostitution scene, or at least not in the legally operated sex clubs. They simply do not play that big of a role in Austria to be a concern.

FKK Paradise and the Hells Angels

Previously we’ve mentioned the Hells Angels in one of our older articles on this blog too. The biker gang has been associated with one of the biggest brothels in Germany, FKK Club Paradise. According to our sources, the Hells Angels members were hired as security; however they also harassed the ladies and even harmed them in some cases.

The owner who hired the Hells Angels members has since then been sentenced to four years of imprisonment for forced prostitution, human trafficking and fraud. The Hells Angels members who were hired played a huge role in enforcing the ladies and this is a clear example of what kinds of things these bikers are capable of. For more details about this post that was posted two years ago on our Sex Club Wien blog, click on the link below!


At this time we are not sure if the mentioned sex club is associated with the Hells Angels or not. We will have to wait and see what the identification process brings up. We will keep an open eye on any updates and post if anything noteworthy happens.

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