A sex worker was put on trial because of working with gonorrhea

A Romanian prostitute had to face the court in Graz because she had tested positive for gonorrhea but continued to offer her services at a laufhaus in the city. She was caught during a police raid after she was unable to present her health certificate, which is required for all sex workers in Austria.

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She took full responsibility for her actions

In court, the woman’s lawyer admitted that she had been wrong to continue working while infected and that she took full responsibility for her actions. The lawyer also stated that the woman had already been cured of the infection by the time of the police raid. The sex worker also received a fine of 630 euros.

The manager of the brothel was also charged because he allegedly rented a room to the woman despite knowing she was infected.

However, he was acquitted after the judge ruled that there was no evidence that he could have prevented the woman from working.

In Graz, all of the sex workers are tested for gonorrhea every six weeks and for HIV and syphilis every 12 weeks.

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