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Best brothels in Vienna (2024)

Vienna is well-known for its nightlife and it has a lot of high-class brothels. Over the years, we have written many articles and reviews about classic sex clubs, sauna clubs, studios, and laufhauses, revealing the places’ pros and cons.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

In this article, you can find the best brothels in the city, based on the quality of the girls’ lineup, professionalism of the management, prices, available information, reputation, location, and prices & services.

Here are the top 3 brothels in the city:

1. Maxim Wien at Kärntnerstraße

Maxim Wien is one of the best-known brothels in the city, thanks to its and its predecessor’s services and reputation. It is popular among local punters and international businessmen as well.

Its key details:

  • Address: Kärntner Str. 61, 1010 Vienna
  • Phone number: +43 699 17172031
  • Website:
  • Open: every day from 8pm to 5am
  • Business model: all-in-one sex club: you can have sex with the girls in the brothel’s rooms, or pick up/order them for escort, or enjoy the striptease in the community area
  • Provides escort: yes
home page of Maxim Wien
home page of Maxim Wien

Pros and Cons

Maxim Wien is well-known for its ladies, a.k.a. the Maxim Girls; the place usually has more than 20-25 girls. They speak many languages and are top-notch. The girls are also available for hotel escort in Vienna and the nearby area.

Maxim spends a lot of money on continuous modernization and renovation; new rooms were renovated in 2024, the entrance was redesigned with a big info screen, and new rooms will be opened inside the brothel this year. This is one of the best and nicest parts of Vienna, the absolute city center. The club totally fits this area, as it provides a classy and luxurious feeling, it is super clean, and has high-quality furniture and rooms.

Maxim Wien’s website is totally up-to-date where you can check the girls and their availability, with real images.

The brothel has professional management, a useful newsletter, and Maxim Wien is extremely active on social media; you can follow the brothel’s news on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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2. Goldentime Vienna at Karl-Gunsam-Gasse

Goldentime Vienna at Karl-Gunsam-Gasse Goldentime Vienna is a sauna club and it is considered one of the best-known sauna clubs in the city. It is completely different from classic sex clubs, as people can also use the spa facilities before finding a girl for sex.

When a guest arrives at Goldentime, he has to pay a 95 EUR entry fee. For this amount, he can use the spa facilities, receive a bathrobe and towels, and can use the food buffet and consume any of the soft drinks. Alcohol and energy drinks are paid separately. Sex is not included in the entry fee. The girls walk around the spa area in bikinis or topless, and the guests should negotiate the services with the girls. The management does not have any effect on the pricing or the provided services.

Its key details:

  • Address: Karl-Gunsam-Gasse 1, 1110 Vienna
  • Phone number: +43 1 969 90 90
  • Website:
  • Open: every day from 11am to 4am
  • Business model: FKK sauna club, the brothel provides spa facilities, the prices and services should be negotiated with the girls
  • Provides escort: no
home page of Goldentime Vienna
home page of Goldentime Vienna

Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage of Goldentime is the number of girls and the spa facilities. However, if you are looking for sex in Vienna, you might not be interested in saunas or tubs.

The biggest disadvantage of the place is that the girls can set their own prices and services, and if you are not a regular or are a tourist, they often upsell you. In local punter forums, there are many reviews where guests were ripped off for a huge amount of money because they did not know the current prices in the city or such type of brothels.

The management usually does nothing in case of an argument, because the girls can set their own prices. Moreover, the sex workers also pay a high entry fee, and because many of them work the whole month, they provide a good income for the sauna club operator, while a given customer represents a rarer entry fee.

The brothel operator gets nothing from the girls’ income, so the company is interested in favoring the girls who fully take advantage of this situation.

Read the article about on Sex Vienna about upsells in Goldentime: Pricing in Goldentime Vienna totally out of control

As a plus, the entry fee for guests can’t be used for sexual services. There was another sauna club which tried to provide a sex coupon in exchange for an entry fee (Funpalast), but this business model failed.

inally, it is a very big con that you can’t know which girls are available in the sauna club on a given evening. This is because of the working schema, and Goldentime does not show the girls on its website.

3. Babylon Vienna at Seilerstätte

Babylon Vienna is a classic sex club in the city with a good lineup of girls. Because it is quite expensive, you can find mostly high-spenders there who spend a lot of money at night.

Its key details:

  • Address: Seilerstätte 1, 1010 Wien
  • Phone number: +43 1 5128495
  • Website:
  • Open: from Monday to Saturday 6pm to 2am, Sunday closed
  • Business model: sex club
  • Provides escort: no
home page of Babylon Vienna
home page of Babylon Vienna

Pros and Cons

It is not a question that Babylon is a good sex club, but it is a very expensive one. The entry fee is 150 EUR, and the first hour with one of the girls costs 600 EUR.

For comparison, the price at the highly prestigious Maxim Wien is 220 EUR for an hour, and 300 EUR for a VIP room.

As a regular punter, Babylon’s prices can be too steep, but a much bigger problem is that the brothel is frequently visited by high-spenders a.k.a. whales (wealthy businessmen, sportsmen, etc.) who spend a lot because of their status. This means that punters with less money will get less attention, because most of the top-notch girls will be busy with the high-spenders.

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