Maxim Wien review 2024

Maxim Wien is a classic sex club in the 1st district of Vienna, located under Kärntner Str. 61. The club is widely known among the local and international guests and it also provides escort services in Vienna and the nearby areas.

Sex Work in Vienna

In this article, you can read a detailed overview of this famous brothel.

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Key facts of Maxim Wien

Maxim Wien is a so-called all-in-one sex club, meaning you can have sex in the club, book them for escort services in Vienna, and enjoy the striptease on the stage. The exact contact details are:

In Maxim Wien, you can choose one or more girls and have sex with them in the rooms. The club does not have a strict dress code; you can visit the place in casual dress. The place is often called one of the best gentlemen’s clubs in Vienna, as it has a lot of international visitors as well.

You can use the English or German language in the sex club, but most of the girls speak many more languages. The entry fee is EUR 20; for it, you will get a EUR 10 discount on the room price or when buying champagne and 3 Maxim dollars for tipping the girls. Couples do not have an entry fee.

The nearby area

Maxim Wien is located in the absolute city center, in a safe and clean district of Vienna. Public safety is good, and you can find many restaurants, bars, and other shops nearby.

This district is home to many cultural institutes, including Karlskirche, Schloss Belvedere, Albertine Museum, Vienna State Opera, and the Museum Quarter of the city, to name a few.

the nearby area of Maxim Wien
the area around Maxim Wien

You can reach Maxim easily with public transportation, for example, with these means of transport:

  • Metro station: Karlsplatz U1, U4
  • Bus stops: 59A, N46, N49, N62, and many more
  • Tram stops: 1, 62, BB, U2Z, and many more

Interior of this sexclub

You can enter Maxim Wien from Kärtner Straße; the club has redesigned its entrance style in the early months of 2024. You will find a big outdoor infotainment screen above the entrance, and you have to go down to the club using stairs.

The bar area has convenient couches, a longer bar counter with chairs, and small stages with poles. You will find big mirrors on the walls.

This is the area where you can meet the Maxim Girls, have a chit-chat with them, negotiate the price, and then leave to one of the rooms.

Maxim Wien has many rooms, including the regular ones, VIP rooms, and a BDSM room. There is also a live DJ who provides the music, and there are disco lights installed on the ceilings and walls.

Sex workers – the Maxim Girls

Maxim Wien is well-known for its high-class lineup, as this place always has enough applicants, so it can get the best sex workers in Vienna.

You can find all kinds of girls in the lineup, from first-timers in Vienna to experienced girls, blondes, brunettes, girls with red or black hair, etc. Most of the girls are from Romania, but you can find Hungarian and even Austrian ladies as well.

line-up of girls in Maxim Wien sexclub
screenshot of part of the line-up on the website

The girls speak many languages, at least English or German on a conversational level. A lot of girls speak other languages, including their mother tongue, Italian, Spanish, etc. You can have sex with them in the club’s rooms or book them for escort services if they are available.

Escort service in Vienna and the nearby areas

Maxim Wien provides high-class escort services in Vienna; you can book the Maxim Girls. Maxim has its own agency as well, called Escort Girls Vienna. The escort is available in Vienna and in the nearby areas, only for hotel escort.

The booking process is straightforward. You can book the Maxim Girls on the Maxim website, using the on-site booking form where you have to choose a replacement lady as well, in case the first girl is not available.

Alternatively, you can reach the management via phone or WhatsApp and get info about the girls.

Sex for couples and threesomes

Maxim Wien welcomes couples in the club who want to spice up their marriage or relationship. The couples can also book the sex workers and have sex with them in one of the rooms.

Maxim also provides threesomes in Vienna, where you can have sex with the best girl duos who know each other well. You can get information about the duos on the Maxim website or you can ask the management on any of the contact methods.

Maxim Wien prices

You can find the most current prices on the Maxim website. At the time of writing this review (February 2024), these are the prices in the club:

  • Normal room: EUR 170 for half an hour, EUR 220 for one hour
  • VIP room: EUR 300 for one hour
  • BDSM room: EUR 400 for one hour

Pickup and escort prices:

  • 2 hours minimum for EUR 500
  • 3 hours: EUR 700
  • 4 hours: EUR 900
  • 5 hours: EUR 1100

Erotic bachelor, birthday, and divorce parties

You can hold your bachelor, birthday, or divorce party in Maxim Wien as well. The management offers discounts, including erotic lap dance for the celebrated person for EUR 120, and discounts on drinks. The more people participate in the party, the bigger discount you get. Groups with a minimum of 8 people get 10% off on drinks, minimum 15 people get 15% off, minimum 20 people get 20% off, while minimum 25 people get 25% off on drinks.

Please be sure to ask the group discount from the staff, as these prices are valid at the time of writing this review (February 2024).

Website of this sexclub

Maxim Wien has an informative and well-maintained website with regular blog posts, news announcements, a detailed escort section, and an All Girls page. The latter shows all of the girls, where every lady has her own profile with her details and images.

The website also shows the girls’ availability, and it is maintained every day by the staff. By visiting the site you can easily get to know which girls are in the club on that given evening, who is on leave, and who will be back soon, and when.

Social media and newsletter

Maxim Wien is very active on social media; the club has its own Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter wall. You can also subscribe to the Maxim Wien newsletter on the website to get notifications about the club’s news and the newest girls. The newsletters arrive regularly and cover all important aspects of the brothel.

Maxim Wien – Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is Maxim Wien a strip club?

Maxim Wien is a classic sex club but it can be also considered a strip club. The girls are often dancing on the stage alone or with each other, or using the poles, and perform striptease as well. But in Maxim, you can also have sex with the strippers, which is usually not possible in other strip clubs.

Can Maxim Wien be reached with public transport?

Yes, you can reach Maxim easily with public transport. There is a metro station, a tram stop, and many bus stops nearby the entrance. This is the most central part of the city and it can be accessed very easily.

Are there discounts in Maxim Wien?

Yes, you can get discounts for erotic parties, including birthday, bachelor, or divorce parties. The more participants you have, the bigger discount you get on drinks. Ask the staff of Maxim Wien for the details.

Is there an entry fee in Maxim Wien?

Yes, there is a EUR 20 entry fee. But you will get back EUR 10 from it as a discount, which can be used for room booking or for champagnes. You will also get 3 Maxim dollars, which you can use for tipping the girls. Couples do not have an entry fee.

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