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German-Chinese smuggling ring trial begins in Hanau

A trial has commenced in Hanau, Germany, focusing on three individuals accused of orchestrating a human trafficking ring that smuggled 13 Chinese women into the country and subjected them to forced prostitution. The defendants, comprising two women and one man aged between 45 and 60, are facing multiple charges including human trafficking, tax evasion, and non-payment of social security contributions.

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The women worked as illegal prostitutes in three states

According to the prosecution’s case, the accused individuals, operating within a German-Chinese smuggling network, transported women from China and exploited them in brothels spanning across three German states: Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, and Bavaria. The victims were allegedly coerced into engaging in prostitution, resulting in substantial profits for the criminal ring.

The operation came to light during a coordinated raid conducted in June 2023, leading to the apprehension of the three defendants. Law enforcement authorities carried out searches at various brothels located in Baden-Baden, Offenbach, Rüsselsheim, Schweinfurt, Stuttgart, Wetzlar, as well as in the districts of Bergstraße, Groß-Gerau, and Main-Kinzig-Kreis.

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A 45-year-old woman coordinated the ring

According to the prosecution, the alleged mastermind behind the smuggling ring is a 45-year-old woman from Hanau, who purportedly held sway over all decision-making processes within the network and arranged for the rental of the brothel properties. A 45-year-old Chinese woman stands accused of overseeing the prostitution operations and coordinating the activities of the victims, while a 60-year-old man from Rüsselsheim is believed to have acted as a driver, facilitating the transportation of the women.

The financial dimensions of the case are substantial. The defendants are charged with evading taxes amounting to €1.2 million and failing to remit €1.3 million in social security contributions for the exploited women. Consequently, the trial is being adjudicated before the Economic Criminal Chamber of the Hanau Regional Court.

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Austrian police have stopped a suspected human trafficking group thought to be run by Chinese nationals. Three people living in Vienna and Graz have been arrested. They are accused of bringing Chinese women to Austria with false promises and forcing them to work in prostitution. Police are investigating how many people were affected and are asking anyone with information to contact them: Austrian authorities bust Chinese human trafficking ring

German authorities conducted an operation targeting illegal prostitution and human trafficking across Hessen and Baden-Württemberg. Raids on locations in Hanau, Offenbach, and other cities resulted in the arrest of two women. The investigation focuses on a suspected network exploiting Chinese women in prostitution. Authorities seized evidence and aim to dismantle the network while ensuring the safety of those involved: Police operation targets illegal prostitution and human trafficking in Germany

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