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Fatal stabbing in Asian studio 126a

A horrific incident occurred in Vienna’s 20th district on Friday night, leaving the community in shock. The incident was first brought to the attention of the Vienna police following a report from a bystander who noticed a trail of blood leading from a sex studio to the sidewalk. Authorities responding to the scene made a grim discovery: three Asian women had been fatally stabbed.

Sex Work in Vienna

Three women were brutally stabbed to death, one woman survived

The tragedy took place at Studio 126a located in the 20th district. The victims were located in different rooms of the studio, and despite rapid response from police and medical teams, all three women died from their injuries.

In response to the killings, an immediate manhunt began, involving the WEGA, Vienna’s special police tactical unit. The search led to a green space nearby, where police detained a 27-year-old Afghan asylum seeker. The man, who was found with the murder weapon, resisted arrest, forcing the police to use tasers to subdue and detain him.

It was discovered that there was another woman in the studio during the attack. Fortunately, she was able to lock herself in a room, avoiding the tragic fate of the others. She is currently receiving psychological support to help her deal with the traumatic event.

The reason for the violent act is still under investigation as authorities try to understand the events that led to the horrific scene. The suspect, who incurred minor injuries during his capture, remains in police custody as investigations continue.

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