Two hurt after shooting outside nightclub

In the last days of January, in the early hours of a Sunday morning, a shooting happened outside the Sender nightclub in Lustenau, leaving two men injured. The shooters managed to escape, reportedly in a black SUV. People who saw what happened told ORF Vorarlberg about it.

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Two people got hurt, the shooters ran away

The shooting happened just before midnight in front of the “Sender” nightclub. According to what people saw there, two people got badly hurt. The shooters ran away after it happened, and the police are still looking for them.

Someone who saw the shooting said they heard three or four shots. They arrived at the nightclub’s parking lot with friends around 11:30 PM. As they were walking towards the entrance, they suddenly saw someone shooting towards it from the street. At first, they thought it was fireworks, but then they saw people falling down and realized it was gunfire. They quickly went back to their car and called the police. As they were leaving, they saw the two injured men.

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The police closed off the club and questioned everyone

Another person who saw what happened inside the club after the shooting said, “The police closed off the club, so nobody could go in or out. After a while, we were allowed to leave through the back door, where the police questioned each of us.”

Thankfully, both injured men are expected to be okay. One was taken to Bregenz State Hospital, and the other to Dornbirn Hospital. There were a lot of police officers at the scene, and the area was blocked off. About 200 people were inside the club when the shooting happened, and the police talked to all of them later.

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