Illegal Brothel Shut Down in Tyrol Under Investigation for Prostitution and Pimping

After a series of police raids, an illegally operated brothel in the Tyrolean lowlands has been closed, with connections to illegal prostitution and pimping coming to light. The Tyrol State Criminal Investigation Agency (LKA) had been conducting investigations for several months targeting a three-person criminal organization, consisting of an Austrian national aged 51, a Turkish national aged 57, and a Spanish national aged 34.

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Two Raids Carried Out

On the night of December 20th to 21st, the LKA executed two raids. The primary targets were a table-dance establishment and a nearby building in the Tyrolean lowlands. These actions were conducted with the support of the financial police, who also carried out relevant inspections.

According to the police, the three suspects are believed to have financially exploited women working at a local table-dance venue over several months. There is a suspicion that these women were coerced into illegal prostitution activities with the involvement of the suspects. Prostitution activities were reported to have taken place both within the establishment and a nearby residence. Current information suggests that the women were compelled to surrender half of their earnings to the alleged pimps.

Evidence Uncovered

During the two raids, investigators discovered substantial evidence, including drugs and a significant amount of cash in the low four-digit range. The illicit brothel, operating without the necessary permits, was officially closed down by the authorities.

During the inspection of the nearby building, the police apprehended two individuals who were illegally present in the country; they had Serbian nationality and had been using forged identification documents.

Suspects Not Admitting Guilt

In the end, four suspects and four victims were interrogated. The accused individuals did not confess to their involvement in pimping and were released from custody.

This case highlights the continued efforts by law enforcement agencies in Tyrol to combat illegal prostitution and human trafficking. The closure of this illegal brothel and the ongoing investigation into the criminal organization responsible send a strong message that such activities will not be tolerated in the region. As the investigation unfolds, authorities will continue to gather evidence and work towards ensuring the safety and well-being of those affected by these illicit activities.

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