Illegal Apartment Brothel Uncovered in Treuenbrietzen

A joint effort between the municipal regulatory office and customs authorities has exposed a significant blow to the illegal prostitution trade on August 8, 2023. Officers from the Financial Control of Illicit Employment division of the Main Customs Office in Potsdam supported the Treuenbrietzen regulatory office in a coordinated operation against an illicit apartment-based brothel.

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Initiated by a tip from the public, investigations pointed toward the operation of an illegal prostitution business within a private residence. During the search of the apartment, authorities encountered three women, aged 30 to 53, all of Thai nationality. During questioning, two of them admitted to engaging in prostitution, while the third stated she worked as a masseuse.

The investigation revealed that both prostitutes were residing illegally in Germany and that an arrest warrant was issued for one of the women. The 34-year-old was subsequently taken into custody and handed over to local authorities. Legal proceedings were initiated against the other two women, focusing on illegal residence and employment.

Steffen Zacharias, Head of Examinations in the Financial Control of Illicit Employment division, emphasized the role of the Main Customs Office in Potsdam in combating illegal prostitution. “We are continually committed to identifying those who profit from human trafficking and exploitation and holding them accountable,” he stated.

This successful collaboration between authorities once again highlights the fight against criminal activities and exploitation within the prostitution trade.

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