Berlin’s unconventional venue: a brothel reimagining pop culture icons

Amidst the lively streets of Friedrichshain, Berlin, the world-renowned Barbie phenomenon has taken an unexpected turn. An unconventional brothel, unlike any other, is quickly becoming the talk of the town.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

The scene within? A grand kingsize bed where Barbie, dubbed here as Techno-Barbie, takes center stage, embracing Ken with a hint of seduction. As depicted by a Berlin local paper, this Barbie experience is touted to be unique and unparalleled.

At first glance, this might seem a stark contrast to the wholesome portrayal of Barbie in recent cinematic releases. However, the curators behind this establishment aim to push boundaries. Named “Intimacy with Barbie,” this venture sees the beloved doll transform into a life-sized, state-of-the-art companion.

Within this modern brothel, patrons are offered the opportunity to interact with these lifelike figures, alongside other models like “Frau Schmidt”, “Blue”, and “Oxana”. Designed meticulously in Chinese workshops, these dolls offer an uncanny realism.

Though this intimate Barbie version might not resonate with Hollywood’s Margot Robbie, she retains her iconic features, complete with blonde locks and a slender silhouette. For those desiring customization, a fiery red wig option exists, heightening the ambiance.

Philipp Fussenegger, the mastermind behind this venture, envisions it as a judgment-free “adult playground.”

Mainstream portrayals depict Barbie and Ken’s relationship as purely platonic. However, within the confines of this Friedrichshain brothel, Barbie’s representation takes on a more anatomical dimension, allowing for varied client preferences.

The contemporary Barbie film serves as an inspiration for Fussenegger. Echoing modern sentiments, the establishment sees a diverse clientele, each bringing their distinct desires. Some even customize Barbie’s attire or engage in unique narrative scenarios involving Ken or even more elaborate setups.

But Fussenegger’s ambitions extend beyond just Barbie. He and his team are keen on diversifying their offering, introducing unique dolls with slight movements, and drawing inspiration from popular Sci-Fi characters.

Committed to pushing the envelope, Fussenegger aims to avoid generic experiences. The future seems promising, with characters from iconic franchises like “Star Wars” and “Game of Thrones” being considered.

Though Fussenegger’s brothel isn’t without its critics, the overarching response is one of fascination, marking this Berlin establishment as a harbinger of avant-garde entertainment.

In a world constantly evolving, will traditional Barbie interpretations keep pace with such audacious renditions? Berlin may just hold the answer.

Earlier experiments with sex dolls

In 2017, we reported on an intriguing development in Vienna’s adult entertainment industry. The Kontakthof 1 brothel had begun to experiment with the inclusion of sex dolls. This innovative decision did not arise from thin air.

The inspiration came from a brothel in Barcelona, which had made headlines in early 2017 for being pioneers in this unique business model. The story caught global attention, with outlets like Huffington Post extensively covering it. If you’re keen to delve deeper into this groundbreaking experiment, the Huffington Post piece offers a comprehensive perspective.

Kontakthof 1, eager to tap into this novel trend, mirrored the Barcelona brothel’s strategy, causing quite the sensation. Their endeavor went viral. There were whispers about Goldentime Vienna acquiring a similar doll, but it reportedly never went into service. Speculation suggests hygiene regulations or other concerns might have deterred its use.

Vienna’s Kontakthof 1 had held the distinction of being the city’s first brothel to offer a service with a sex doll. Designed to be eerily lifelike, their flagship doll, named Fanny, had been reminiscent of a young woman endowed with pronounced curves.

Fanny’s inclusion on the roster had seen her “working” beside human counterparts. An hour’s rendezvous with Fanny was priced at €80. A cursory glance at the brothel’s website back then, and it was evident that Fanny had been a prized asset, boasting a plethora of photographs highlighting her realistic build.

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