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Sweet Mery Declared Winner of Controversial Sex European Championship

In a discreet location near Gothenburg, Sweden, a select group of 16 performers from across Europe convened to participate in the highly debated Sex European Championship.

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After much anticipation and speculation, the official announcement was made, and Sweet Mery, also known as Marija Zadravec, emerged as the champion. Prior to the confirmation from the organizers, Sweet Mery had already claimed her victory on social media, leading to criticism surrounding the alleged harsh conditions faced by the participants.

Despite only making one appearance during the event, Sweet Mery secured an impressive prize money of 860,000 Euros. Live Sex House Official congratulated her on Twitter, stating, “It’s official! Sweet Mery @zadravecmarija1 from Croatia is the winner of the European Sex Championship. Congratulations Marija.” The championship brought together 16 performers from various corners of the continent, and the entire event took place at a confidential venue near Gothenburg, Sweden.

However, the championship faced significant controversy when participants came forward, claiming they had been deceived out of thousands of Euros earlier in the month. The female contestants believed they were entitled to 690 Euros for each day spent in the house, while the male participants were promised 345 Euros per day, with the overall winner receiving 860,000 Euros.

It was called a Low-Budget Big Brother

The Sex European Championship was met with criticism, being referred to as a “Low-Budget Big Brother” and labeled “out of control” due to several erotic stars leaving the competition. The departures were triggered by accusations made by the organizer, Dragan Bratic, and the Swedish Sex Association, alleging non-payment of the participants.

Despite the controversies and financial disputes surrounding the event, Sweet Mery remained positive about her experience, describing it as “amazing” and something she would “gladly repeat.” According to her, the organizer had ambitious plans to elevate all participants to prominent figures within the industry, offering them the opportunity to earn significant profits. She emphasized the global attention and exposure the championship garnered, benefiting all involved.

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