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Minister Buschmann’s Ideas on Prostitution Laws

In the ongoing talk about prostitution, Justice Minister Marco Buschmann is careful about punishing people who pay for it. He also has some ideas about making the rules for certain areas not as strict.

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Buschmann doesn’t like the idea of making it illegal to pay for sex, like some other countries have done. He thinks the main focus should be stopping anyone from forcing women into it, even if it means using the law against them.

One big change he suggests is getting rid of a rule that makes it illegal to do prostitution in certain areas. If his idea works out, breaking these area rules would be more like a small offense, not a big crime.

We might see the new law in the first half of the year

Buschmann says that cities can still make rules about where you can’t do prostitution. For example, keeping it away from places that are important to the community or close to schools. He thinks it’s a good tool to use if there are specific areas where prostitution shouldn’t happen.

Since 2002, Germany says it’s okay to do prostitution as a regular job, not something bad. Back then, they wanted to make things better for sex workers, but some people say it ended up helping the owners of brothels and clients more than the workers.

In 2017, they made more rules with the Prostituiertenschutzgesetz. Now, brothels need special permission, and sex workers must tell officials about their work and see a health advisor. Buschmann also shared some main ideas for changing the law at the end of November. A more detailed plan is expected in the first half of 2024.

Critics from the Union say Germany is becoming the “brothel of Europe”

Not everyone likes Buschmann’s ideas. Some people from the Union, a political group, say that getting rid of the rule might make things less safe for everyone. They think it could make it easier for people to bother others, especially women.

These peple say it might be better to just ban paying for sex completely. They worry that Germany is becoming a place where women are treated badly, with crime groups taking control. They think the government shouldn’t allow that to happen.

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