Forced prostitutes in Bavaria, illegal prostitution in Bad Wörishofer

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Searches in the south for Human Trafficking

The local police in Bavaria recently found forced prostitutes in the region as well as a 42-year-old lady without a permanent address in Germany who was engaged in prostitution in a local hotel.

Six residences were searched by 160 officers in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg on suspicion of human trafficking. Three individuals were taken into custody during the raids in Munich, Illertissen (in the New-Ulm district) and Laupheim (in the Biberach district), the police said on Thursday, 14th of July. One week after, searches were also conducted in Altötting and Ingolstadt.

At the same time, the Romanian police found a number of residences in Romania and detained seven other individuals. They are being investigated by the Ingolstadt Criminal Investigation Department primarily for forced prostitution and pimping. Young women may have been led to southern Germany by the males, where they may have been forced into prostitution.

Illegal prostitution in Bad Wörishofer Hotel exposed

Police received a tip of probable illegal prostitution at a nearby hotel on 16th of July, Saturday afternoon. The front desk observed an increase in the number of males entering and leaving who had not made their own hotel reservations. A woman who was working in the oldest profession in the world was actually discovered during the search.

The 42-year-old lady said that she was registered and, in theory, lawfully engaged in her area of work. She committed an administrative offense since she was unaware that the spa town of Bad Wörishofen does not permit the practice of this trade. She had to immediately pay a three-digit fee as part of the police admission since she also doesn’t have a permanent address in Germany.

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