valentine's day gift an escort girl

Valentine’s Day with an Escort Girl

In a chat with Esquire a few years back, Avery Moore, a seasoned escort from New York City and San Francisco, opened up about her Valentine’s Day routine. Her story gives a peek into what it’s like for someone in her job on this special day.

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Married men spend the day with their families

Valentine’s Day, usually a time for big romantic gestures, doesn’t change much for Moore. She’s used to working on holidays, including Valentine’s. Most of her clients, who are mostly married men, usually spend the day with their families.

When it comes to her dates on Valentine’s Day, they’re pretty much the same as any other day. Moore still gets taken to fancy restaurants and gets nice gifts afterward. But she’s quick to point out that her clients treat her well no matter the occasion.

Even though it’s Valentine’s Day, Moore’s clients don’t ask for anything more adventurous than usual. And she doesn’t change her prices just because it’s a special day. Moore believes in being fair to her clients all the time.

Outside of work, Moore enjoys her downtime just like anyone else. She loves eating ice cream and watching Netflix to unwind.

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Valentine’s day is just another workday for her

As the conversation wrapped up, Moore shared her thoughts on the stereotypes about her job. She thinks people sometimes have the wrong idea about escorts on Valentine’s Day. For her, it’s just another day of work.

In the world of Avery Moore, Valentine’s Day isn’t all roses and romance. But it’s a reminder that her job, though often misunderstood, is just like any other profession—she’s there to do her job with professionalism and dignity.

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