Forced prostitution trials in Germany, Cologne

Recently, two trials have been started against pimps in Cologne, Germany because of forced prostitution. We are seeing more and more similar cases and pimps getting brought to justice. In the following post, you can read more about these trials in Germany, as well as learn about other recent similar cases in Austria. For more details, keep on reading the post now!

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40-year-old forces 21-year-old into sex labor

The first case we are writing about happened in Cologne not long ago. Apparently, a 40-year-old man has been forcing a 21-year-old into prostitution. According to the plaintiff, she was forced into prostitution for several years and the man threatened and abused her regularly.

Apparently, the woman wanted to get out of the prostitution business, but the defendant didn’t allow it unless she paid him 50,000 euros in cash. This was nearly impossible, as he has been taking away most of the money earned by the woman. The man is being charged with extortion and forced prostitution.

Man forces girlfriend into prostitution

This is yet another recent trial from Cologne, Germany where a man has forced his girlfriend into selling her body for his financial benefit. According to the allegations, the 39-year-old man has been forcing the 35-year-old woman into prostitution for over eight years. The two met in 2007, at which point the man used the well-known Loverboy method to lure the woman into prostitution.

Apparently, the woman has been beaten from the start of their relationship, and she had to give all of her earnings to the man, which was around 10,000 euros each month. According to the woman, she wanted to get out of prostitution back in 2013 when her mother died, but the loverboy didn’t allow it and threatened to dig up her mother’s urn if she doesn’t comply. In the end, he would have let her go if she paid him 50,000 euros.

Naturally, the loverboy denied the accusations and said that the woman has been working as a prostitute out of her own will. The court did not believe him and he is facing jail time for extortion and robbery.

In case you are not familiar with what the Loverboy method is, go ahead and read the following post from the Sex Club Wien blog.

Similar cases that have happened in Austria

Unfortunately, forced prostitution is still a threat in Austria, and we are seeing similar cases surface here too. Here is an example that we have posted on our blog recently.

The Viennese police have arrested three members of a Romanian prostitution gang not long ago. The two men and a woman who were arrested apparently forced 24 girls into prostitution, taking away most of their earnings. The arrests have been made during a raid on illegally operated apartments in Vienna, and the police have confiscated tens of thousands of euros in cash and valuables.

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