Lawyer Talks about what Prostitutes in FKK Club Paradise went through

For years, the owner of one of the most famous FKK Club in Germany has been seen as a white knight of the prostitution scene. Jürgen Rudloff, the owner of FKK Paradise in Stuttgart has lead the public to believe that he is helping the girls working at his establishment and that he is running a legit business. However, at the start of 2019, the truth has surfaced and the owner, as well as his co-workers have been arrested and put in trial for alleged human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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We have previously reported about this on the Sex Club Vienna blog that you can read here: Former owner of Paradise in Stuttgart convicted

Recently, the lawyer of one of the girls who has been working in FKK Paradise for years has spoken out about the women’s situation in the brothel. In the next paragraphs, you can read about what the girls had to go through, what they are up to now that their former boss has been prosecuted and more. If you’re interested, be sure to keep on reading this article in its entirety.

Lawyer speaks about what his defendant had to go through

Lawyer Jens Rabe who has previously represented victims of personal injury, sexual and capital offenses has recently spoken about the conditions that his plaintiff, one of the working girls in FKK Club Paradise had to go through.

According to his statement, the women who worked in FKK Paradise were harassed and exploited in a criminal manner by the brutal pimps who operated the brothel. As he was always an advocate of human rights, he immediately accepted the case when he was offered to defend one of the girls from FKK Paradise in court.

The woman is still afraid to talk about what happened in the FKK Club

When Jens Rabe first met the woman who he was defending, they met in a secret location because of security reasons. At first, she looked confident and strong, but he could feel that there was a deeper mental trauma that was caused by the owners of the Paradise brothel.

According to the girl, when Paradise was established, the owner had trouble with the business as there were not enough clients or girls working for him. Rudloff solved this problem in his own way; by hiring rockers from the Hells Angels and United Tribunes gangs as the brothel’s security. For the owner, as well as the gang members this was a win-win situation, but for the prostitutes it was living hell.

Hells Angels gang members working in FKK Paradise

Threatening even in the courtroom

According to Jens Rabe, the people who were behind the FKK Club Paradise operation were threatening looking even in the courtroom. When his plaintiff was asked to look at some photos and identify certain members of the operation, she had struggled with breathing. Additionally, the lawyers of the defendants have even pressed her verbally and physically. He intervened and protected his plaintiff, showing her that there’s nothing to worry or be afraid of now, giving her the feel of security and stability.

What happens to the women now that the trial has ended?

The 55 day trial has ended in February, 2019 when the owner and marketing director of FKK Paradise have been sentenced to several years of imprisonment. Now that the trial has ended, the women who worked in the brothel can finally move on and close this chapter behind them. Currently, the woman that he was defending has completed her vocational training and found herself a stable and safe job.

owner of FKK Club Paradise being taken to jail
Jürgen Rudloff being taken to jail


Thankfully, the judgment in the courtroom has proved to be successful, and this has led to a somewhat better situation for prostitutes in Germany. Unfortunately, we never know what’s happening behind the scenes in these types of brothels and when women are forced into doing this job.

Some have also said that these guys who were prosecuted can easily exploit the legal system and get out of jail in a couple of years because of good behaviour and continue what they have been doing. Or they can simply go into retirement with the money that they have saved up using these shady tactics. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done against this as it stands right now.

If we get any other information on the topic, we will make sure to let our readers know about it. This article has been written based on the German text that was published on the portal.

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