Prostitute kidnapped from bordell by three men in Augsburg

Recently, a kidnapping has happened in a bordell in Ausgburg, Germany, where three men abducted a prostitute from a local puff. The women who work in the establishment notified the police of the kidnapping, to which law enforcement immediately took action.

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The perpetrators have been caught fleeing with the prostitute in a car on the A8 highway, leading to Munich. If you’re interested in the whole story and more, be sure to read the whole article and get all the necessary information now!

The bordell kidnapping happened in Haunstetten

The incident presumably happened in Bordell Club Venus on Saturday at around 3:15 AM. The brothel is located in Haunstetten, the 17th district of Ausgburg.

According to the police statement the kidnapping happened in a brothel in this district, but the statement didn’t specify in which establishment, so this is just speculation. However, since this is the only notable brothel in the area, we can assume that this is where the incident occurred.

Kidnappers caught fleeing on the A8 highway

After the police was notified by the workers in the brothel, they immediately sent out an arrest warrant against the perpetrators as the vehicle’s model was known. The law enforcement officers located the car fleeing on the A8 highway that connects Augsburg to Munich. The getaway car (Volkswagen Golf) was successfully stopped at the junction at Dasing and the kidnappers have been taken into custody.

bordell kidnappers fled on A8
  • You can read the full German article that our post has been based on through the Augsburger Allgemeine website.

Police forces suspect the bordell kidnappers knew the prostitute beforehand

According to police reports, the three men who tried kidnapping the prostitute were between the ages of 28 and 31 and they are of Bulgarian descent, just like the prostitute in question. This lead the police to suspect that the kidnappers might have known the woman from beforehand and maybe wanted to take her back to Bulgaria against her will.

Another kidnapping attempt in Augsburg on Tuesday

A couple of days later, another presumed kidnapping attempt has happened in the city of Augsburg. This time, two men raced through the city in a black Audi around 4 PM on Tuesday. According to eye witnesses, there was a huge car chase between the perpetrators and the police officers, and this part of Gersthofen was full of police cars and ambulance vehicles.

The suspects fled the scene in the getaway car, driving over 100km/h in a busy part of the city. According to reports, the two suspects have been apprehended and arrested.

  • Augsburger Allgemeine reported about this news on their website. Click here to read the full German story now!

Bordell incidents we previously reported on

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In the United States of America, several new amendments regarding human trafficking have been introduced at the start of 2019. The main goal of these amendments is to protect people who have been forced into prostitution from a young age, as well as people who cannot defend themselves. In the article, you can also read about the harsher sentences that human traffickers should receive. If you want to learn more, go ahead and click on the link right away!

human trafficking loverboy method pimping


The kidnappers were caught this time, but this is unfortunately not always the case. More and more similar incidents happen where young girls and women are taken against their will and forced into prostitution by pimps. Law enforcement is trying to crack down on these illegal operations and assist the women in need of help. Unfortunately, not every story ends with a happy end and many ladies have to keep working for their human traffickers.

Be sure to check back on our blog for updates and new stories that we post. We will make sure to keep our readers updated on any breaking news that happen in the world of paid sex.

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