victim of a loverboy

23-year-old faces trial for alleged forced prostitution

A 19-year-old woman, who says she was forced into prostitution with threats of violence, sees her alleged abuser on trial. The trial began on Monday. The man, now 25, faces many charges, including forcing a person under 21 into prostitution, violence, threats, and stealing money from the victim between early 2022 and late June 2023.

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They meet in a sauna club near Düsseldorf

Prosecutors say the man and woman, now 21 and helping with the case, met at a sauna club near Düsseldorf. The woman fell in love, and the man said he would protect her, taking half her earnings at first.

Prosecutors say he helped manage her prostitution activities and advertisements. But after a few months, he allegedly demanded all her money and used violence and threats to get it.

He is accused of making her give him up to 8,000 euros per week.

The charges describe serious abuse: pulling her hair, choking her with a cord, and punching her when she didn’t have enough money. He is also accused of taking thousands of euros from her.

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When the woman told him in June 2023 that she would stop working for him, he allegedly threatened her and her family and demanded a large sum of money to let her go. He then allegedly pressured her via messages to keep working to pay off what she owed.

The trial has been paused. The man’s lawyer says the prosecutors didn’t share important information, making a fair defense impossible. The trial will continue at a later date.

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