Boyfriend tries to force his 21 year old girlfriend into working in a sex club

The incident happened in Germering, Germany, where a 25 year old Romanian male has allegedly tried to force his 21 year old girlfriend into prostitution. According to sources, the man promised the young woman better living conditions and a brighter future in Germany; a staple of the loverboy method. For further details about this story, keep on reading.

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Romanian loverboy lures 21 year old into prostitution

The 25 year old man has brought the woman into Germany and promised her a great job opportunity. According to reports, they have lived in a one room apartment in Germering where the man has tried to land the woman a spot in a sex club. However, the woman didn’t want to work there under any circumstances, so the man threatened her and even assaulted her to try to get his way. Since the woman didn’t speak German, she had nobody to turn to. Additionally, her father has also threatened the woman to disown her if she leaves. At this time, the father didn’t even know that his daughter has left the country and that she is being forced into prostitution.

The loverboy did not manage to go through with his plan

According to our sources, the man had already planned a room for the woman in one of the nearby sex clubs; however, he wasn’t able to register the woman as a prostitute. He wanted to take away all of the woman’s earnings; thus making around 6,000 euros in only a few weeks. He intended to use this money to start working in the car trade business.

Court hearing about the loverboy and his victim

In the court hearing, the woman was in shock and couldn’t testify against the loverboy. She has been taken into the victim protection program and hopefully she will never have to see her “boyfriend” ever again. Even after the trial, the man had still threatened the woman through a message that was sent by his friend through a social media platform. The man threatened to kill the woman if he ever sees her again.

For further details about the court hearing, go ahead and read the German publication that we used as source for this article over on the website.


Unfortunately we are seeing more and more helpless woman get forced into prostitution. Since the COVID-19 lockdown, the number of illegally working woman has skyrocketed. The problem with this is that the women do not get any protection if they work illegally and they are easier targets for men who want to exploit them. Additionally, the loverboy method is still something that many gullible and insecure woman fall victim to. In case you want to learn more about what a loverboy does, be sure to read the following article on the Sex Club Wien blog: Loverboy Method

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