The Loverboy Method

What is the Loverboy Method?

Basically, a loverboy is a slang term for men who lure underage and insecure girls into doing various illegal activities. He can either use violence or blackmailing to get his ways. There are different types of loverboys; some use kidnapping and physical abuse, while others simply use their charm. There are many girls that fall for this act and the outcome can be life-changing; in the worst way possible.

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The loverboy looks for girls that are sitting alone at a coffee shop, club or anywhere else. Once they have found their victim, they approach and start playing their boyfriend act, promising everything to the girls. This can mean emotional, as well as financial support. Most loverboys act really nicely and seem to be very kind in the beginning. He even showers the girlfriend with gifts and surprises.

When the girls fall in love or are fully dependent on the loverboy, he turns it all around and demands something in exchange. Most of the time, this means prostitution, drug dealing or any other illegal activity that the guy can think of.

The Loverboy Method in Prostitution

This method is widely used when it comes to prostitution. Most of the girls that fall victim to a loverboy are kidnapped and taken to another country. In many cases, they are taken to countries where prostitution is legal, such as the Netherlands or Austria. The women are then forced into prostitution and they need to offer all kinds of sexual services. The worst part is that most of the time they do not even get any money, as their pimps collect the payment and only give the girls a portion of the sum.

Most of the time, the girls either work in apartments illegally or in some of the worst sexclubs and worst studios imaginable. Not only that their work conditions are distasteful, but they also need to do anything that the client demands. This means that they can’t have any taboo services and need to work for a low price.


Loverboys are very dangerous and they can truly ruin lives with their actions. There are many girls around the world that are affected by this method and there are loverboys in every country. The number of victims rises every year and 90% of prostitutes are forced into prostitution using this method. This is something that everybody needs to be aware of as preventing this could save the lives of countless young girls.

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