How Cam Girls Make Their Money And How Much They Really Make

The notion of Cam Girls or webcam models might be new to some people but has been existing almost as long as webcams have been. It is a type of sex work that gained a lot of popularity, since it offers a more lively experience to viewers than watching porn. They can engage with the model of their choosing and ask her to carry out whatever he has requested, which she does for a token of course.

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An increasing number of websites promote live chat rooms where young girls entertain guys who log on to their profiles. Finding a sexy girl who is willing to undress and do some dirty things in front of her webcam has never been easier. There are a lot of free services and paid services as well and you can also use premium services such as one on one sessions with your favorite cam model.

How The Girls Do It

Cam girls put in real effort to build immense fan bases as they continue to do their live shows on a regular basis. They don’t always have a fix pay, unless they work for an agency, most of them get paid from memberships and the tokens that people submit during their shows.

Being a cam girl seems really attractive for a great number of girls who are a bit more “open” in their sexuality. You can look at it quite bluntly and understand why they are into it. All they have to do is sit down on their bedroom bed and entertain themselves in front of people they don’t actually meet. For new girls, this is quite exciting and thrilling. They might be shy to please themselves to the point of orgasm at first, but end up getting used to it.

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The key to them making money is that they build a large fan base and gather more and more clients. They have to hold sessions consistently and be persistent in their work. The focus of their job is to make their clients happy and entertained throughout every moment of the session. The prettiest girls make it the furthest in this career but their personality is what makes them successful in the long run.

If she isn’t willing to do hardcore stuff, it will take her longer to stand out among the crowd and gain a large fan base, but there are a lot of people who are interested in different fetishes.

It’s not just about spreading their legs and waiting for someone to give them money. If they try too hard to impress people and ask them to cough up some cash, they will seem too desperate. But if they look bored they are likely to bore their guests as well and not make any money in the process. Professional cam girls who make a lot of cash do it by not thinking about money and rather focusing on enjoying themselves and their guests. Putting up a good conversation and expressing themselves fully is also a major part of their performance.

For some men, cam models are a substitute for an actual girlfriend, which they openly express to them in the form of wonderful dick pictures. They put in some real effort to make them their very own internet girlfriends. Some guys only pay a lot of cash to request pictures and see girls do the good stuff, while other guys actually want to know a particular girl better. They are more interested in their personality than the dirty videos she has to offer, which is kind of nice, considering that perversion is the top thing that drives this industry.

Devoted fans tend to pay more and buy gifts for the girls they like, just like in real life. They often browse the wish list that their favorite cam model has posted on her wall, which is composed mostly of dildos and other types of sex toys. Then if you love a lot of sex and even sex parties you need an armoury of awesome sex toys so make sure you get as many as possible as you need to have an impressive selection.

Depending on where these girls provide their services, they can pretty much manage their own rates and reach the financial goals they have in their mind.

How Much Do Cam Girls Really Make?

Most cam girl job advertisements say that they “can make up to…” but that it isn’t always as much as they actually get.

Most cam girls make about $350 to $500 from a five hour shows. The hourly wage of a fresh cam girl with the proper training and attitude can be anywhere between $20 and $40. They can also make about $100 on a good day. The better she looks the more she will be making eventually.

They have a lot of ways to make money and can leverage every bit of what they put out. Some girls get paid for each piece of clothing they take off or the dirty deeds they do. Some get paid on a minute basis while others on an hourly basis. It really depends on how they set their shows up and how well they perform.

Big Earners

Here are some of the noteworthy earners out there who managed to make a lot of money within a year of working as a cam model.

Naturally, these cam models are named according to their aliases in order to protect their identity.


LittleRedBunny is a young red head who is paid to make some top notch erotic shows online. She is one of the top earners as she charges a stunning $4.99 per minute for those who want to enter her show. This adds up $1million a year. That’s pretty good money for playing in her bedroom for a few hours a day, isn’t it?

LittleRedBunny naked

Well LittleRedBunny works pretty hard for it and is very devoted to her work. She has said that she once held a private session that lasted 19 hours.


KatieKays is a 19 year old college student who has been in the business for more than a year. She charges $2.99 per minute and viewers have to pay a little extra if they want to chat with her too. She seeks to entertain her viewers as much as she possibly can and devotes herself fully to make sure that happens.

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Being a cam model isn’t a career that anyone could sustain for a lifetime but it does bring in some impressive paychecks for the girls who do it. Most of them are acutely aware of this fact and put a lot of their money into savings. Some cam girls invest in their careers, their college education and do things smart when it comes to their future.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading through this article and that you know everything you wanted to know about cam models. See you soon!


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