Loverboy in Düsseldorf sentenced to prison

A man was recently sentenced to four and a half years of imprisonment in Düsseldorf, Germany because he used the loverboy method on a 19-year old schoolgirl to force her into prostitution. According to our sources, the 37-year old man has been forcing the young woman into prostitution since 2017, stealing over 80,000 euros from her. For further details about this trial or about the loverboy method, be sure to keep on reading this blog post now!

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What is the Loverboy method?

The loverboy method is a widely used tactic that attractive men use to lure insecure and gullible women into forced prostitution. Basically, the man will show himself as great boyfriend material, shower the girl with gifts and affection; only to later sell her into forced prostitution. The young ladies are usually asked to move with the loverboy to another country where he can get her a job and better living conditions. However, once the woman crosses the border, her passport is taken away and she has to work as a prostitute against her will. These ladies don’t make a lot of money either, as the loverboy will usually keep most of the earned money for himself; acting as sort of a pimp for the women.

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Loverboy sentenced to four and a half years in prison

The loverboy trial in Düsseldorf has been going on for around four weeks now, and only on this Friday was the defendant sentenced to imprisonment. According to sources, the man had partially confessed to using the money the 19-year old made in brothels, but he denied forcing her into prostitution. However, later evidence showed that the man blackmailed the woman into either paying him 40,000 euros or 1,000 euros every week. Unless the woman paid, the loverboy was going to tell the woman’s parents about what kind of job she’s working. The defendant denied these accusations, but recordings of a phone call showed otherwise. This was one of the reasons why the man was later sentenced to imprisonment.


Loverboy sentenced to four and a half years in prison

The loverboy now needs to spend four and a half years in prison, and in addition to this, he has to pay the woman 86,400 euros in compensation. This is the amount of money that he had allegedly stolen from the woman while she was selling her body for money.

To read the full German story that we used as source for our article, go ahead and read the post on the Rheinische Post-Online website now!

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Conclusion on Loverboy sentenced to prison

As you can see, the loverboy method is a very popular way men lure insecure women into forced prostitution. The women fully trust the men and only realize what they have gotten themselves into when it’s too late. There are many victims who are saved from the clutches of the loverboys, but unfortunately there are more who need to suffer because of them. We always try to shine a light on these stories, so that more people are aware of the situation. Because of this, be sure to regularly check back on the Sex Club Wien blog to read more about the latest news regarding the prostitution industry around the world!

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