No more anonymous visits to sex clubs in Zurich, Switzerland

According to the new laws that are being introduced from the 1st of October, clients who wish to visit sex clubs in Zurich will have to present official identification upon entering the venue. The identification has to be checked for legitimacy and those who present false identification or someone else’s ID will suffer consequences. For further details about this new law in Zurich, Switzerland, continue reading this blog post!

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New laws introduced because of the Corona Virus

The new identification laws have been introduced because of multiple people attracting the virus in an illegally operated brothel. As a result of this, all legal sex clubs are now required to ask for official identification from the clients who visit them. In addition to having to ask for identification from the clients, the sex clubs are also going to be monitored and regularly visited by the police in order to ensure the new laws are being enforced. This currently affects around 260 legally operated sex clubs in the area.

Harsh living conditions in illegally operated sex clubs

The new laws were introduced after numerous Corona Virus cases in an illegal establishment called Lugano Bar. According to statements, the women who worked there experienced harsh living conditions. The ladies had to share rooms with three other women, had to pay a considerable fee each week and they were required to work from small and crammed rooms. According to reports most of the women who worked at the bar were from Africa.

Not everybody is happy about the new laws

Although these new measures allow for the government to trace back the clients who visited an establishment if more Corona Virus cases emerge, not everyone is happy about the changes. Naturally, the clients who wish to remain anonymous are against this law, but there are also officials who don’t think this is the best course of action. According to Valentin Landmann, a member of the Cantonal Council, the legally operated sex clubs had no similar cases. He advocated that legally operated businesses shouldn’t suffer because of something that happened in an illegally operated sex club.

Additionally, Landmann criticized the fact that right now foreign women who wish to work as prostitutes in Switzerland are getting their permits denied if they want to stay for longer than three months.

Conclusion on new identification laws in Zurich, Switzerland

At this time we are not sure if this new law is going to be effective at lowering the infection rate, or if it is only going to introduce new problems to the prostitution scene in Zurich. We will have to wait and see how things unfold in the upcoming weeks and months. As soon as any new information emerges, we will make sure to notify our readers about it!

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