Tina Turner had to spend her wedding night in a strip club

In a recent interview, the world-renowned singer Tina Turner revealed where her ex-husband Ike Turner (1931-2007) took her on their wedding night. The musical duo’s wedding was in Tijuana, Mexico where people usually go for the cheap sex clubs and fast wedding ceremonies. After their wedding in a small chapel, Ike Turner took her new wife straight to a sex club where they would spend the rest of their evening. Rather than the romantic evening she envisioned, Tina Turner was forced to watch a live sex show with her newlywed husband next to her enjoying it. Read along and find out more about the wedding night and abusive marriage of Tina Turner and Ike Turner.

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Tina Turner wedding night

Tina Turner never talked about her wedding night with Ike Turner until a recent interview that she did with The Daily Mail. In this interview, she revealed that Ike Turner forced her to spend their wedding night in a Tijuana whorehouse. According to our sources, the 22 year old singer was forced by her husband to watch a live sex show hours after her wedding. She said that she could barely watch and that she was on the verge of crying, but she couldn’t leave until Ike wanted to leave. Tina also said that she was so disgusted by the whole thing that she blocked the memory and came up with a fantasy of a romantic kidnapping.

When asked why she didn’t end her marriage right then and there or why she said yes in the first place, Tina said that she was in love and she was also afraid to say no to Ike. She also stated that she is a very loyal person and that she promised Ike that she wouldn’t leave him.

Tina Turner and Ike Turner went on to be married for 16 years. Unfortunately, this was an abusive marriage because Ike Turner was known for being violent towards Tina and also for his cocaine addiction. Apparently, Ike also kept all the money the duo made in their music career. Tina stated that Ike always used to say: “When you leave, you leave like you came.”

Tina Turner after her divorce from Ike Turner

According to the interview Tina did, she was contemplating leaving Ike for more than ten years. The breaking point came when she could no longer take the everyday abuse and not being able to do what she wanted, only what her husband allowed. One day, when Ike was having one of his “sessions”, Tina just left the house and never looked back. She left her abusive husband after 16 years, without any money or idea of where to go next.

Once Tina Turner got rid of her toxic husband, she became one of the most successful female singers of the century. She has sold millions over the years and she toured all around the World. Today, Tina Turner lives in Switzerland and she’s still performing at the age of 78, which deserves a huge respect.


Since she left Ike Turner, Tina Turner has had a fantastic solo career and she has become a superstar in America and all across the globe. She is now also in a healthy and loving relationship, which was much deserved. As you can see Tina Turner’s life wasn’t always as easy, mostly because of her ex-husband Ike Turner. I mean, who would really take their newlywed wife to a sex club to watch other people having sex?

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