Sex doll brothel in Freiberg am Neckar

A sex doll brothel has recently been opened in Freiberg am Neckar in Germany where clients can have sex with artificial dolls. Clients who want to have sex with the dolls have to make an appointment beforehand, as according to our sources, this is not a walk-in establishment. People can have sex with the anatomically correct silicone dolls for an hourly price. According to the owner of the establishment, the dolls are cleaned and sterilized after each session.

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Sex doll brothel confuses local authorities

Recently, the local authorities have sent a two weeks’ notice to the owner of the establishment. According to our sources, the owner has time until mid-October to identify exactly what type of place he operates. Apparently, the sex doll brothel has the local authorities confused as to what type of establishment it really is. They have never had to deal with a similar problem and they are not sure how to deal with it either.

There would be no problems if the sex dolls were only sold in the establishment. However, the owner advertises sex with the dolls right there in his shop. This indicates a place where sex is sold for money, which would be prohibited in that area of Freiberg am Neckar. According to our sources, the police will close the shop down if the owner doesn’t specify his business model.

Is having sex with dolls real sex?

The news of this sex doll brothel has caused a lot of controversy among the locals and online forum users alike. Some people want the place shut down immediately, while others have no problem with it. Some have even questioned if having sex with a life-like in appearance, but otherwise completely artificial sex doll is even considered real sex. On the other hand, there are also many who say that the establishment should stay and that they would try it out once to see how it feels to have sex with one of these real dolls. If this is not your thing, Then you can very easily find sex contacts online as there are loads of them looking for naughty fun on the adult dating sites.


As it stands, the operator of the establishment has to come forward and state what type of place he is operating. If it turns out to be a brothel, it is probably going to be shut down. Only time will tell what is the future of this sex doll establishment in Freiberg am Neckar. We will make sure to keep our readers updated on any new findings that we get our hands on. Until then, be sure to leave a comment down below and tell us what you think!


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