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An unique property is for sale, the Laufhaus for 1.5 million euros

By admin | 2022.11.19.

Klagenfurt – Following recent advertisements for a brothel in Velden, a new property is now up for purchase in Klagenfurt: the “Villa de Luxe.” A new sign has just been up in front of the “Villa de Luxe” brothel on St. Veiterstraße in Klagenfurt. It states, “For sale.” When questioned, it was discovered that the…

Berlin brothel raid controversy: The “Artemis” operator’s claim for damages continues to take up court time

By admin | 2022.11.18.

At the end of the first week of November, a settlement offer from the Berlin Superior Court was rejected. Dozens of cops investigated the sizable brothel on April 2016. A claim for damages made by the owners of the huge Berlin brothel “Artemis” has been occupying the court for more than six years. After more…

The Vienna sex industry’s prices are rising

By admin | 2022.11.10.

Since the pandemic and the associated lockdown, practically all adult facilities in Vienna have raised their prices. Women who promote independently on digital platforms have raised their requesting prices for the services they give. 1. Sauna clubs FKK FKK Sauna Clubs are the first category of adult companies we’ll discuss. These venues charge an admittance…

The public order authority bans prostitution in apartments

By admin | 2022.10.20.

The regulatory office and the authorities discovered various infractions after a thorough investigation, including numerous systemic problems in real estate and unlawful prostitution. Under the direction of the unit for regulatory activities in the bureau of community protection and order in the city of Hagen, the urban planning provider, the trade inspectorate, a chief of…

Four suggestions on how to be a skilled luxury escort in Vienna

By admin | 2022.10.04.

The highest standard in the sector is elevated escorts. Numerous materials on how to become an escort are available, however, being attractive and tall are not the only requirements for being an elite escort. It is more important to embrace your good qualities than to carefully consider your strongest character traits. A real person, not…

Conflict at brothel bar’s restroom fully escalates

By admin | 2022.09.08.

A fight involving two guys escalated in the restroom of a pub in Basel’s red light district. Additionally, a helper was hurt. In the first weekend of September, two guys got into a fight in a red-light club in Kleinbasel, and the aggressor ran off. A 32-year-old got into a fight in the Captain Cook Bar…

An employee of a brothel was critically injured in Düsseldorf

By admin | 2022.09.07.

Two staff members of a Düsseldorf brothel were tragically stabbed at the begging of September after an altercation with some aggressive customers. The authors of the altercation at a Düsseldorf brothel, which resulted in the serious injuries of two employees, are still at large. A day after, a police official stated that the males were being searched…

Hells Angels boss: his pub was set on fire

By admin | 2022.09.03.

Rocker manager Frank Hanebuth believes that his business has been specifically targeted for destruction. Hanover’s “Sansibar” bar was set on fire; rocker boss Frank Hanebuth (57) saw the firefighting efforts while seated on a chair and with a crutch, as initially reported by “Bild.” Witnesses Passersby made the emergency contact about 2.15 in the morning,…

25-year-old loses his nerve while having sex in a whorehouse

By admin | 2022.08.25.

A man made a brief stop at a Frankfurt brothel where he made plans to meet a prostitute for sex. Then, everything got worse. In Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel neighborhood, a brothel on Taunusstraße, a prostitute was supposedly threatened with a gun on Wednesday. The victim was able to get away from the offender. In the punishment…

Placido Domingo

Contact with a sex trafficking group is one of Plácido Domingo’s reported offenses

By admin | 2022.08.25.

Plácido Domingo, a famous Spanish opera singer, has been connected to a Buenos Aires gang by Argentine investigators. Among other things, this is held accountable for illicit prostitution, including with children. Raids Approximately 50 police raids on the “BA Group,” which operated behind the doors of the yoga studio “Buenos Aires Yoga School,” were reportedly…

Mannheim wants to ban prostitution from Neckarstadt-West

By admin | 2022.08.11.

The mayor of Mannheim seeks to prohibit prostitution in the city’s Neckarstadt-West neighborhood. However, doing this is not so simple. A significant neighborhood homeowner consents to future relocation plans under certain restrictions. The red lights in the brothel area of Mannheim won’t be turning off any time soon. The municipality claims that the city’s ambitious…

People from Lucern watch the new street in Zurich

By admin | 2022.08.10.

Zurich’s inauguration of the first red light street in Switzerland is something that Lucerne is anticipating. This may affect Lucerne as well. The first red light street in Switzerland will open on Monday at 7 o’clock in Zurich. From Lucerne, people are keeping a careful eye on what is happening in Zurich. No one is…