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The police in Dortmund caught a prostitute on a flight

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2022.07.20.

A wanted lady was apprehended by authorities at Dortmund Airport because she had not paid her fine for engaging in unlawful prostitution. She merely intended to go from Dortmund to Bulgaria, but that turned out to be more expensive than anticipated. In the morning of 12th of July, the federal police detained a 32-year-old lady…

Raped prostitutes from Regensburg, a verdict in Traunstein

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2022.07.15.

An Upper Bavarian was convicted of sexually assaulting a prostitute. The appeal process before the district court in Traunstein ended with a deal between the public prosecutor’s office, lawyer, co-plaintiff, and court. The Rosenheim court of independent judges condemned the 41-year-old to two years and five months in jail without the possibility of parole in…

Prostitutes are changing their jobs, project managers are satisfied so far

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2022.07.14.

The “Works” program helped prostitutes to change occupations by creating a first positive balance. The corona-related shutdown of brothels has placed many people out of work. The managers have drawn a first positive interim balance around a year after the launch of the statewide initiative “Works” for the professional reorientation of prostitutes. According to the…

Prostitute abused by young people in Ruhr region

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2022.07.13.

Ioanna (24) met her tormentor in Hagen in her underwear and half-naked. A bunch of teenagers abused and harassed the prostitute. Arrested suspects were just 15 and 19 years old The authorities in Hagen are now preoccupied with the horrific incident. Two suspects have already been captured, one of them is only 15 years old!…

Sabine Postel used to live in a brothel in London

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2022.06.26.

Sabine Postel talked about her life in London in the 1980s in the “Kölner Treff.” Sabine Postel (67) is a well-known German television performer. From 1997 until 2019, she was Bremen’s “crime scene” commissioner Inga Lürsen. She already had success as the lawyer Isabel von Brede in the ARD series “Die Kanzlei” (The Office) since…

Prohibited prostitution in a hotel in Mindelheim and a 32-year-old jailed for four years for stabbing

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2022.06.26.

In this article you can read two shorter news pieces, related to sex workers. In case you wish to read the original publications, be sure to click on the links in each of the paragraphs! After offering her services, a sex worked has to pay a fine now According to authorities, a prostitute was selling…

Counseling and increased security are required for sex workers

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2022.06.26.

Prostitutes require effective counsel and assistance in order to avoid becoming victims of exploitation and violence. Green Council and committee members met with individuals in charge of “ROXANNE, the prostitute therapy center” in Koblenz to learn more about the present situation and their work. The therapy center had many ideas for helping sex workers Achim…

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The no to the ban is correct; but, we should continue to investigate

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2022.06.17.

The National Council, with a large majority supports Switzerland’s liberal prostitution model. The federal government and the cantons both have more work to do. In Switzerland, prostitutes can legally and openly advertise their services. However, they might be better safeguarded than women are in other countries. Prostitution has been legal in Switzerland since 1942 and…


What’s going on inside of a house in Cologne

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2022.06.17.

The property at number 19 Eintracht Street appears inconspicuous from the outside. Leaves hung from mailboxes that were painted purple and blue. However, the property in Cologne’s Eigelstein area appears to be more than a typical residential structure in the city center, prompting some consternation in the Veedel. Because prostitutes will be hosted at the…

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During the pandemic, prostitution is increasingly being sold online

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2022.06.15.

Prostitution has become increasingly available online as a result of the pandemic. However, prostitution that begins online is more difficult to manage and human trafficking investigations are increased. In Düsseldorf, during the Corona epidemic, the beginning of prostitution has moved to the digital world. According to the current situation report on human trafficking and exploitation…


Prostitutes desire to be more well-known

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2022.06.11.

Prostitutes demand stronger voice on “International Whore Day.” That is why, on 4th of July, Saturday, they went to the streets. On Saturday, sex workers protested on Kurfürstendamm for more rights and less limitations in their job. They seek more involvement in legislation that influence their profession, as the slogan of last Thursday’s “International Whore…


A night fire in Ballermann, Mallorca, represents a concern for partying visitors

By dsqwb2qz6v | 2022.06.02.

This case was caused by the German drunken tourists, which is still an issue for Mallorca. Mallorca (Palma) is viewed as a drunken vacation, but the trip for the German bowling club ended faster than expected, after a few drinks in the “Ballermann” neighbourhood from the famous Playa de Palma. All 13 members of the…