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sex worker is writing a fake review of herself

How to identify bogus girl reviews on forums

By Alexander Müller | 2023.08.10.

Within the expansive realm of online interactions, punter forums serve as lively platforms where individuals share their experiences, opinions, and reviews within the realm of adult entertainment. Amidst this digital exchange, a challenging predicament arises – the ability to distinguish authentic reviews from those that are carefully fabricated. This exposé aims to shed light on…

human trafficking

Women are completely vulnerable: the reality of prostitution and human trafficking in Germany

By Alexander Müller | 2023.08.02.

Elke Bartels, the former police chief of Duisburg, speaks out on the pressing issues of prostitution, clan crime, and human trafficking, advocating for stronger measures to protect vulnerable women. Prostitution in Germany has been a contentious topic since its legalization in 2002. Critics argue that it perpetuates violence against women who often suffer under coercion…

prostitute in a Vienna high-class sex club

Benefits of a High-Class Sex Club in Vienna Over Poor Sex Studios

By Alexander Müller | 2023.08.01.

In today’s progressive society, the concept of adult entertainment has evolved, and discerning individuals seek more than just physical experiences. High-class sex clubs have emerged as an enticing option for those looking to indulge in sophisticated and intimate encounters. In this article, we will explore the distinct advantages of choosing a high-class sex club over…

sexy participant

Sweet Mery Declared Winner of Controversial Sex European Championship

By Alexander Müller | 2023.07.17.

In a discreet location near Gothenburg, Sweden, a select group of 16 performers from across Europe convened to participate in the highly debated Sex European Championship. After much anticipation and speculation, the official announcement was made, and Sweet Mery, also known as Marija Zadravec, emerged as the champion. Prior to the confirmation from the organizers,…

Experts Call for Tightening of German Prostitution Law

By Alexander Müller | 2023.07.06.

Sexual exploitation, they say, is commonplace under the current legal framework. At the same time, prostitution has an impact on society as a whole. Persistent myths surround the topic of prostitution, often with an unclear legal framework. Prostitution has been technically “legal” in Germany since 2002. But what does that really mean, especially in the…

Hunter Biden Expelled from Exclusive Sex Club: A New Chapter in Controversy

By Alexander Müller | 2023.07.04.

In a shocking turn of events, Hunter Biden, the 53-year-old son of US President Joe Biden, has once again made headlines for his controversial actions. This time, it involves his visit to a high-end sex club that has left tongues wagging and his father with more concerns. Adding fuel to the fire, Hunter Biden was…

arrested human trafficker in vienna

Police Operation Targets Illegal Prostitution and Human Trafficking in Germany

By Alexander Müller | 2023.06.28.

In a recent operation conducted by authorities in Hessen and Baden-Württemberg, several locations suspected of involvement in illegal prostitution and human trafficking were searched, resulting in the arrest of two women. The operation targeted the cities of Hanau, Offenbach, Rüsselsheim, Ulm, and the Main-Kinzig-Kreis region. The main focus of the investigation was to dismantle a…

fkk artemis trial

€250,000 Compensation for Artemis: Berlin’s Justice Senator Apologizes to Brothel Operators

By Alexander Müller | 2023.06.27.

Raid, pretrial detention, allegations of gangsterism: The operators of Artemis brothel are finally being compensated. Berlin’s Justice Senator, Badenberg, overturns the decision of her predecessor. Berlin’s Senate Department for Justice has yielded in its dispute with the two operators of the large-scale brothel, Artemis. They will receive compensation and damages totaling €250,000 from the state…

realistic sex robot in vienna

Exploring the Future of Intimacy: Sex Robots and Love Dolls

By Alexander Müller | 2023.05.29.

In a recent article published on the Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) website, the potentially disruptive role of sex robots and love dolls in the future of human intimacy was thoroughly examined. The piece featured a detailed interview with Oliver Bendel, a professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, who specializes…


Unraveling Sexuality: Debunking Six Prevalent Sex Myths

By Alexander Müller | 2023.05.26.

In the realm of human sexuality, misconceptions and myths abound. These unfounded beliefs, often steeped in cultural lore, misinformation, and lack of comprehensive sexual education, can lead to misunderstanding and potentially harmful behaviors. In an effort to foster a more informed dialogue about sex, it’s crucial to debunk these myths and replace them with evidence-based…

Germany’s Hottest Property Hits the Market in Hamburg’s Red-Light District

By Alexander Müller | 2023.05.20.

Hamburg has become the center of attention as a rare opportunity arises in Europe’s most renowned red-light district, the infamous Herbertstraße in St. Pauli. Nestled within this 60-meter-long street lies a complete brothel, now up for sale, situated right in the heart of the so-called “women’s prohibition zone.” Behind the iconic gate of Herbertstraße, boldly…

Funpalast CEO Christoph Lielacher Ventures into Politics, Plans to Establish Red Light Party in Vienna

By Alexander Müller | 2023.05.16.

In a bid to cater to protest voters, Christoph Lielacher, CEO of Funpalast, has set his sights on entering the political arena in Vienna with an unconventional twist – a red light party. Following in the footsteps of rocker-turned-politician Marco Pogo, Lielacher is now planning to establish a “red light party,” according to a report…