Fatal stabbing in Asian studio 126a

vienna police

A horrific incident occurred in Vienna’s 20th district on Friday night, leaving the community in shock. The incident was first brought to the attention of the Vienna police following a report from a bystander who noticed a trail of blood leading from a sex studio to the sidewalk. Authorities responding to the scene made a…

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Woman Accused of Running Illegal Brothel Network and Tax Evasion


A woman from Hanau faces charges for allegedly running a secret network of brothels and avoiding over a million euros in taxes. The Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office disclosed this Wednesday, stating that the accused led a gang operating brothels for at least five years. It’s claimed she also smuggled Chinese women into the country for…

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Two hurt after shooting outside nightclub


In the last days of January, in the early hours of a Sunday morning, a shooting happened outside the Sender nightclub in Lustenau, leaving two men injured. The shooters managed to escape, reportedly in a black SUV. People who saw what happened told ORF Vorarlberg about it. Two people got hurt, the shooters ran away…

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Bust of suspected brothel ends in surprise twist


The owner of erotic businesses in Switzerland faced criminal charges for violating COVID regulations and potentially running an unlicensed brothel. However, due to errors in how evidence was collected, she walked away with just a slap on the wrist. She operated a sex business during the COVID pandemic Police raided the woman’s establishment in March…

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Valentine’s Day with an Escort Girl

valentine's day gift an escort girl

In a chat with Esquire a few years back, Avery Moore, a seasoned escort from New York City and San Francisco, opened up about her Valentine’s Day routine. Her story gives a peek into what it’s like for someone in her job on this special day. Married men spend the day with their families Valentine’s…

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Minister Buschmann’s Ideas on Prostitution Laws

Justice Minister Marco Buschmann

In the ongoing talk about prostitution, Justice Minister Marco Buschmann is careful about punishing people who pay for it. He also has some ideas about making the rules for certain areas not as strict. Buschmann doesn’t like the idea of making it illegal to pay for sex, like some other countries have done. He thinks…

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Fire Breaks Out at Freubad Brothel in Recherswil


In the early hours of Thursday, a smoldering fire accompanied by dense smoke erupted at the Freubad brothel in Recherswil, Switzerland. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. The Cantonal Police confirmed that the fire broke out around 1:30 AM. It was described as a smoldering fire, leading to significant smoke development. As a precautionary measure, individuals…

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Illegal Brothel Shut Down in Tyrol Under Investigation for Prostitution and Pimping


After a series of police raids, an illegally operated brothel in the Tyrolean lowlands has been closed, with connections to illegal prostitution and pimping coming to light. The Tyrol State Criminal Investigation Agency (LKA) had been conducting investigations for several months targeting a three-person criminal organization, consisting of an Austrian national aged 51, a Turkish…

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Network Revealed

bill gates

In a shocking revelation, the network of the infamous financier and sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, is coming to light. Notorious for his alleged involvement in sex trafficking and abuse of underage girls, Epstein’s web of connections is now being exposed, sending shockwaves through the corridors of power and celebrity. The Mysterious Case of Epstein Jeffrey…

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