Aftermath of the New Prostitution Laws in Germany

It’s been exactly one year since the set of new prostitution laws has been introduced in Germany, which among other things also prohibits sex without condom. Shortly after the laws have been introduced, we started receiving reports of increased prices in multiple German FKKs. This has been happening all over Germany, in most major Hessen clubs, like Sharks, Oase, Mainhattan and FKK Palace. The prices that the girls are asking for a half an hour session in these clubs have drastically increased, as well as the prices of extra services. Before we continue, you should read the article we published about the new prostitution laws in Germany to see the whole picture. Click on the link and read the full article now.

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Increased prices in Babylon Hamburg

Lately, there have been an alarming number of reports about the increased price in Babylon Hamburg on mongering forums. Babylon is just one example of the many clubs that have increased their price in the last year. Before the prostitution laws have been introduced in Germany, a half hour session with a Babylon girl in Hamburg used to cost around €60 in addition to the €65 entry fee. However, according to our sources, the prices have increased extremely only a couple of months after the law has been introduced. The entry fee wasn’t changed, but we received reports of people saying that right now the “standard” half hour service in Babylon Hamburg costs anywhere from 100-150 euros. Apparently, this includes a blowjob with a condom on and sometimes deep French kissing, but this solely depends on the girl.

According to the reports we received, some people say that good sessions in Babylon Hamburg can be had for 150/250 euros minimum for 30/60 minutes. This is a ridiculously large price, especially if we consider that it is more than double of what it used to cost less than a year ago. People also reported that most girls keep very strictly to the new laws and that none of them seem to offer a lower price. This could be because they have agreed on the price among themselves or simply because they don’t want to undercut each other.

fkk babylon hamburg

Babylon in Hamburg was a very strong FKK contender in the area, mostly because of its central location, variety in the girl lineup and good facilities. However, the new prices that have been introduced by the girls have a lot of mongers turn the other way or look for alternatives in the area; Harmony and Atmos.

The effects of prostitution laws after one year

As it seems, the new prostitution laws in Germany have resulted in increased prices in multiple establishments. Not only did the prices go up in German FKKs, but the effects of the laws have also swept into other countries too. For example, the new “premium service” in Goldentime Vienna can directly be linked to what’s happening in Germany. Girls have decided to ask more money for the same service, while the “standard” service became worse. This is the “premium service” that seemingly all girls in Goldentime Vienna are now offering for €100 for half an hour. Allegedly, girls who moved from Germany to Austria want to apply the same rules here too. And the girls who have already been working in Goldentime Vienna feel that the higher price is justified. This is slowly but surely becoming a real thing and a real issue at the same time. If you do not know what this new service is, be sure to read our article on the subject. Click here if you want to read more about the recent upselling that’s happening in Goldentime Vienna.

We also received numerous reports of people actually changing their travel plans from Germany to Austria quite often, since in general, except for Goldentime Vienna, the premium is not yet a thing here. It also seems that all of a sudden the overpriced Swiss clubs shine in a much more reasonable light as well.

If you want to further discuss this topic, be sure to join in on the conversation that’s happening over on the Sex-Vienna forum!

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