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Peepshows in Vienna

By Alexander Müller | 2014.01.10.

Peepshows are a kind of sex service, where a few girls can be seen dancing on a stage and the customers watch them in cabins. The minimum fee you have to pay is €1. The girls usually start dancing in underwear or half-naked and when their performance ends in a few minutes they get totally…

Most erotic cities in the world

By Alexander Müller | 2013.11.18.

Let’s face it, tourism isn’t what it used to be anymore. What started like casual sightseeing quickly evolved into searching for the place where all the fun is. And, as the idea of fun is different from person the person, the world has become an immense showcase for every delight imaginable to man.

Nightclubs and Bars in Vienna

By Alexander Müller | 2013.10.29.

Since prostitution is generally legal all over Austria, the number of sex clubs and nightclubs has constantly been increasing. The places can be categorized differently, therefore everyone has the chance to find the one which meets their own requirements, taste or budget. There are numerous small sexbars in Vienna that are not too prosperous since…

Closed: Blue Velvet Review

By Alexander Müller | 2013.10.25.

Blue Velvet is a sexclub in Vienna, Austria. The interior is quite large and nice, up to a good standard, although the stone floor and red lights are not too contemporary nowadays, but apart from it, a really nice place. Generally both the staff and the clientele is kind. There are not too many international…

Nightlife in Vienna

By Alexander Müller | 2013.10.14.

So, you find yourself in Vienna and you are ready for some nightlife fun. Or maybe you came especially for the history and culture of this famous city. Or it’s possible you are just passing through and you can’t sleep.

Recommended: Romantic Bar

By Alexander Müller | 2013.10.09.

In Vienna’s fifth district there is a small sex bar, called Romantic Bar. The place waits for the clients from the afternoon hours usually till 4 in the morning. You won’t find a stage with girls permorming sexy dance only 4-5 tables and approximately the same amount of chairs to sit on in the bar.…

Sex Studios in Vienna

By Alexander Müller | 2013.09.23.

Vienna has wide range of sex studios which are usually only about sex and nothing more. You go there, pay, have sex and leave. Just like laufhauses, studios also don’t give incentives – for example food, drinks or special events held – to stay longer after you finished the act.

Massage Parlours in Vienna

By Alexander Müller | 2013.09.23.

Traditional massage parlours use massage as wellness and spa services for customers. Of course erotic massage parlours – that are common in many countries including Austria too – offer muchmore.

Laufhauses in Vienna

By Alexander Müller | 2013.09.20.

Laufhaus can be defined as a sex hotel, where each girl rents her own room, the clients have nothing else to do than to go to the scene and meet the girls who have already been waiting for them. It means that every duty is up to the girls to deal with. They pay between…

Saunaclubs in Vienna

By Alexander Müller | 2013.09.12.

Sauna clubs are common and popular in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The basic trait of them is that the guests pay entrance fee (usually 50-90€ depending on the country and the club) and they will be eligible for several services offered by the club.

Human trafficking for sexwork

By Alexander Müller | 2013.09.12.

Sex trafficking is a crime of transportation of humans for sexual purposes. In some countries the trade is related to sexual exploitation and physical enforcement is often involved, but in other regions of the world, women pay the traffickers by their own decision. In many cases sexual trafficking involves kidnapping, deception, when the women who…

Low Budget: Kerstin Bar Review

By Alexander Müller | 2013.08.25.

Kerstin Bar is a sexclub in Vienna which is not among those that offer high standard. The whole interior is very small and dark without quality furnishing. The clientele is not too fine, mainly consists of unfriendly, low-class guests which doesn’t do any good with the atmosphere. There are not too many girl working there,…