How much do sex clubs and prostitutes charge for sex?

When you have decided to pay for sex you should gather information about the prices as they can vary from place to place.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

Where there is no entrance fee?

You will find places where you don’t have to pay an entrance fee. In these sex clubs you pay only for the drinks and the company of girls. If you drink together with the girls the prices will be higher as in this case the company of the girls and their drinks are included in the bills. The longer the time you book a girl for sex, the more you have to pay. how much is your fun worth?For example, if you book for only half an hour, you’ll be charged for approximately €50. After you spent a while with them, you may get some discounts. An hour usually costs around € 90-120 and if you book two hours you may end up paying approximately €200. Sex club girls are not as cheap as street prostitutes but the price difference is worth paying if you can afford. Usually, you can find yourself in clean and cosy sex club.

Taxi scams

If you want to enjoy your time spent in a sex club and pay as little as possible, you should go to the bar on your own and try to avoid getting into taxis, since many sex club tip the taxi drivers for the clients they drive to the sex club. This tip can be up to €50 and later the staff gets back this amount on the client. The prices might be much higher than in fair taxis so the client may feel he is robbed out. You should take into consideration if it’s worth for you or not.

Places with entrance fee

For example, sauna clubs charge their clients with an entrance fee, but in exchange you gain access to all of their services all through the hours they are open. Of course the drinks and sex with the girls will be charged separately.

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