Prostitution in older times and nowadays

Prostitution has been considered the oldest profession since the ancient times. A form of „Sex clubs” can be found hundreds of years ago too.

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In the old ages

For example in the territory of Tigris and Euphrates rivers, there were “houses of heaven” and that was a sacred prostitution for different deities. It is documented by Herodotus and it came to an end when Christianity was introduced.


Women and boys were also involved into prostitution in the ancient Greece.  The women were independent and often influential individuals who had to wear distinctive clothing. Paying taxes was obligatory regarding their activity.


In Rome prostitution was widespread and legal. Prostitutes had to register themselves in order to pursue their profession legally. As the empire grew the slaves, captured and purchased foreign women became prostitutes and often children as well who were raised to be prostitutes.


Across Japan there was a widespread of female and male prostitution in the 1600s. Female prostitutes were considered “woman of pleasure”. Women were taught in the art of music, dances and conversation in order to entertain their clients. Prostitutes became celebrities in the pleasure district. Now in the modern Japan prostitution is mostly illegal, in big cities, there are sex clubs in red light districts.


In the 20th and 21th century many of the countries have already made prostitution legal again. This is advantageous for the countries for many reasons. It’s easier to avoid exploitation and violence against woman and children. Human traffic is most likely reduced by prostitution law. On the other hand, this profession is under taxation again as well. And since the girls have to go to regular medical checkups, the danger of spreading sexually transmitted diseases is decreasing. The most famous sex clubs nowadays are being run in several European countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Legal is always the best

There are still many differences between countries whether prostitution is legal or illegal, but where it’s legal, it seems to be better organized and crimes related to prostitution is successfully reduced.

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