Religious views on Abortion

With the rise of abortion decisions nowadays, many religions have taken a strong stance either to oppose it or to support it.

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Buddhism and their perspective regarding abortion

The act of abortion is viewed negative, similar to killing, from a Buddhist point of view. However, there are exceptions according to each circumstance. Monks and nuns that assist a woman in having an abortion are expelled according to the rules of Theravada.

How Christianity perceive abortion

With the Bible saying little to nothing regarding abortion, the opinions of Christians about abortion are divided in two categories. views of abortionOne, mostly the Catholic Church,

is completely opposing abortion because it is seen as an act of killing of a human life. On the other hand, there are some Christians that are more open-minded and agree to abortion in some circumstances.

All in all, Christianity too opposes abortion and they stand strong in their beliefs.

Muslim views on abortion

In Islamic religion, it is thought that after one hundred and twenty days the fetus is granted with a soul, thus killing that fetus is strictly forbidden. They view this fine line of 120 days as the point when life is given to the fetus. However, abortion prior to this point is accepted by them.

views of abortionJudaism and abortion

Jewish opinions regarding abortion is mostly divided between the Orthodox Jews and the Conservative Jews as well as the Reformed ones. Mostly, Orthodox Jews are against abortion after the 40th day mark, however exceptions can be made when the life of the mother is in danger. The Conservative Jews and the Reformed Jews treat abortion more lightly than the Orthodox ones. Even though they mostly accept abortion, they only do it when the woman has either been involved in a rape or might suffer serious psychological or physical stress upon delivering the baby. The same exception applies also if the new-born baby might suffer severe medical conditions after birth.

The position of most religions regarding abortions is that they strongly oppose it, with few agreeing with it. However, this decision is for the pregnant woman to take, and it might be the hardest decision she could make her whole life.

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