Peepshows in Vienna

Peepshows are a kind of sex service, where a few girls can be seen dancing on a stage and the customers watch them in cabins. The minimum fee you have to pay is €1.

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The girls usually start dancing in underwear or half-naked and when their performance ends in a few minutes they get totally naked and the clients can see every inch of their bodies.

Most of the time it is about masturbation while watching the girls and if you don’t want more, you can have a rather cheap visual experience with beautiful and young naked girls. There are not too many peepshows in Vienna, approximately 6 or 7, some of them only offer the sight of the girls dancing, while in other ones, the clients have the opportunity to have sex with the girls in the solo cabins.

There is a quite big bed and small washbasin with towels for your comfort and cleanness. It’s needless to say that if you call the girls into the solo cabin, you’ll have additional costs, but you’ll still end up with lower bill than in most nightclubs.

A girl performint on a peepshow logo

Around ten years ago, there were much more peepshows in Vienna to be found, but as the demands of sex industry has changed in most countries and cities including Vienna too, many peepshows have disappeared from the market. One of the reasons might be that the customers weren’t satisfied any more with only peeping and they requested more advanced forms of sex, sexbars where they can get all kind of sexual services in comfortable environment.

Peepshows aren’t as popular nowadays as they were in the 90s. In those years men were willing to pay much money to see dancing girls on stage or to get a handjob or receive a head. Nowadays peepshows are much more affordable than before.

Their survival was doubtful several years ago and as I have mentioned many of them closed. The owners of the best places tried to modernize the houses. The ones that are existing nowadays, are cleaner than ever and the management strives to employ the most beautiful stunners in the city The most worthwhile Viennese peepshow can be found in Burggasse, very close to Lugner city and the Gürtel. It has gone through a serious renewal as according to the opinion it has definitely changed for the better.

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